25+ Unbothered Quotes To Keep You Relaxed

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25 Unbothered Quotes For Instagram

  1. “A wise man told me if it doesn’t affect my pockets, don’t let it affect my emotions.” – Unknown
  2. “I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all.” – Coco Chanel
  3. “I prefer to stay lowkey, leave people clueless, and let them assume what they want.” – Unknown
  4. “My mind is prettier than my face and my soul outshines them both, I have no worries.” – Unknown
  5. “Peace is truly the completed and undisturbed possession of what is desired.” – Maximus the Confessor
  6. “Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” – Unknown
  7. “I used to wanna protect my name in situations, now I just wanna protect my peace. I let whoever think whatever.” – Unknown
  8. “Not easy to state the change you made. If I’m alive now, I was dead, Though, like a stone, unbothered by it.” – Sylvia Plath
  9. “Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.” – Unknown
  10. “Just don’t react at all. You do not need to. Not giving toxic people a reaction when they desperately seek it, is more powerful.” – Unknown
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  11. “I really am that bitch. You can say whatever you want about me to help you sleep at night. This glow will never fade and you hate it.” – Unknown

Quotes About Being Unbothered

  1. “I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just gotta leave people to do the lame shit they do.” – Unknown
  2. “Don’t hold grudges. Don’t let your heart be troubled by anything that makes it lose its peace. Stay calm and let go of what you can’t change. Be unbothered!” – Unknown
  3. “Overthinking will destroy your happiness and your mood. It’ll make everything worse than it actually is. Take a deep breathe, exhale and have faith. What’s meant to be will be.” – Unknown
  4. “It’s a really big struggle for me to write a song. Songs take either 30 seconds for me to write or a year or two to piece together, depending on the song and how I’m feeling on any given day. I don’t really like to write music at all unless I am completely unbothered by touring.” – Adam Levine
  5. “Once you get a taste of peace, you’ll cut anybody off to keep it.” – Unknown
  6. “I enjoy writing alone, naked and unbothered.” – Moonzajer
  7. “Unbothered, moisturized, happy, in my lane, focused, flourishing.” – Unknown
  8. “I act like I’m unbothered, but deep down inside…I’m still unbothered.” – Unknown

Mood Unbothered Quotes

  1. “It’s just beautiful seeing you be above all that…focused and unaffected.” – Unknown
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  2. “She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” – Unknown
  3. “I’m always so unbothered and I love it like I’m really out here living my best life.” – Unknown
  4. “I am walking away from the toxicity of bothering. What others think of me from the impression I made or the conversation I had I am just walking away from being a girl so fragile to break down on some futile prejudices and walking towards being a woman leading her life choices.” – Aparna
  5. “Just because my normal is beyond your ordinary doesn’t mean I’m dramatic.” – Unknown
  6. “Two things I don’t care about: 1. What he said 2. What she said.” – Unknown
  7. “Not easy to state the change you made. If I’m alive now, I was dead, Though, like a stone, unbothered by it.” – Sylvia Plath

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