73 Trent Shelton Quotes About Life, Loyalty And Moving On

Trent Shelton is an NFL star and social media influencer with a message of empowerment, hope, and self-love. Trent Shelton is best known as the founder and president of Rehab Time, a non-profit organization that helps and motivates all rehabbers.

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70 Best Trent Shelton Quotes

  1. “Real situations always expose fake people. Pay attention.” – Trent Shelton
  2. “Words lie; actions can lie too. Consistency speaks the truth.” – Trent Shelton
  3. “God Will Sometimes End A Relationship For Your Protection.” – Trent Shelton
  4. “Jealousy: When your life reminds them of what they don’t have.” – Trent Shelton
  5. “If the truth offends you; it only means one thing; you’re living a lie.” – Trent Shelton
  6. “You are worth more than what you try and convince them you’re worth.” – Trent Shelton
  7. “Staying In A Situation Where You’re Unappreciated Is Not Called Loyalty.” – Trent Shelton
  8. “Don’t judge someone’s path when you never took time to understand their journey. You don’t know how far they have came.” – Trent Shelton
  9. “Just because they say they’re praying for you in your face, doesn’t mean they aren’t laughing at your struggle behind your back.” – Trent Shelton
  10. “Just because they can’t see your value, doesn’t mean you aren’t valuable. Some people are just blind to true beauty. You’re beautiful.” – Trent Shelton
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  11. “Sometimes you have to lose everything to gain everything. Certain things have to end, so better things can begin. Your life isn’t over.” – Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton Quotes About Life

  1. “You can’t be everything to everybody, but you can be everything to somebody. Don’t lose the ones you love trying to please the world.” – Trent Shelton
  2. “Too many people want change without having to make changes. In order to move up, there’s some things you must be willing to give up.” – Trent Shelton
  3. “Perfection is not being flawless, perfection is embracing those flaws so that the heart that’s meant to love you can see the real you perfectly.” – Trent Shelton
  4. “Your path may not be easy. You might have to climb more peaks, you may endure more storms, but never forget your life has a purpose.” – Trent Shelton
  5. “Too many people want to change without having to make changes. In order to move up, there are some things you must be willing to give up.” – Trent Shelton
  6. “Stop settling for standby when your heart deserves to be treated, first class.” – Trent Shelton
  7. “Never get so comfortable in pain that you forget happiness is still an option.” – Trent Shelton
  8. “The only person that has the power to put boundaries on your dreams is you.” – Trent Shelton
  9. “Never take advantage of the heart that stood by your side when nobody else did.” – Trent Shelton
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  10. “As you change so does your definition of fun. You’re not lame, you’re growing up.” – Trent Shelton
  11. “Ignoring the red flags because you want to see the good in people will cost you later.” – Trent Shelton
  12. “Sometimes you have to make a decision that will hurt your heart but heal your soul.” – Trent Shelton
  13. “Not everyone is committed to fighting the battle with you. Choose your army wisely.” – Trent Shelton

Positive Trent Shelton Quotes

  1. “We are all a little broken. But last time I checked, broken crayons still color the same.” – Trent Shelton
  2. “There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty.” – Trent Shelton
  3. “Haters are people who admire what you do, they just have a different way of showing it.” – Trent Shelton
  4. “If you’re allowing it then don’t complain about it. You deserve exactly what you settle for.” – Trent Shelton
  5. “You accepted less because you thought a little was better than nothing. Know your worth.” – Trent Shelton
  6. “Even during your darkest storms God still has a plan for you to shine bright. Don’t lose faith.” – Trent Shelton
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  7. “If you’re afraid of struggle, then you’re afraid of growth. You have to go through it to get to it.” – Trent Shelton
  8. “Don’t let anyone drain you of your happiness today. Be drama free. Rise above the petty stuff.” – Trent Shelton
  9. “Sometimes it’s not what you expect, and it’s not what you want, but it’s exactly what you need.” – Trent Shelton
  10. “Sometimes you just have to accept that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.” – Trent Shelton
  11. “Never be ashamed about being broken, because strength is nothing but pain that’s been repaired.” – Trent Shelton
  12. “You’ll always believe that you’re broken if you always let opinions tell you what needs to be fixed.” – Trent Shelton
  13. “You can’t always control what someone gives you, but you’re always in control of what you accept.” – Trent Shelton
  14. “Your attitude can take you forward or your attitude can take you down. The choice is always yours.” – Trent Shelton
  15. “Sometimes the disappointment can build an unbreakable strength. There’s a blessing in every setback.” – Trent Shelton
  16. “Bad chapters can still create a story that ends well. Let your past be part of your story, not your identity.” – Trent Shelton
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  17. “It takes all kinds to make a world go round.” – Trent Shelton
  18. “Not making a choice is still making a choice.” – Trent Shelton
  19. “You never have to question something that’s real.” – Trent Shelton

Inspirational Trent Shelton Quotes

  1. “The greatest disrespect of life is to waste your life.” – Trent Shelton
  2. “Don’t keep a door open that God is trying to close.” – Trent Shelton
  3. “Don’t Let People Plant Impossibilities In Your Life.” – Trent Shelton
  4. “You’re perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you.” – Trent Shelton
  5. “Don’t pursue a heart that you’re not ready to be loyal to.” – Trent Shelton
  6. “You better stop living like tomorrow is promised. Life has no guarantees, so stop counting on “next time.” – Trent Shelton
  7. “Life isn’t always about searching so you can find, but at times it’s about being still so that you can receive.” – Trent Shelton
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  8. “Faith is having the ability to smile when everything looks hopeless because, deep down, you know it’s not.” – Trent Shelton
  9. “Speak on what you know, not on what you assume. Only a FOOL speaks out of ignorance, not intelligence.” – Trent Shelton
  10. “Strength isn’t always shown by what you can hold on to but sometimes it’s shown in what you can let go of.” – Trent Shelton
  11. “What you accept is what you deserve. Don’t complain about the things you continuously allow to take place.” – Trent Shelton
  12. “Peace is something you’ll never experience if you keep letting things you can’t control, control you. Let it go.” – Trent Shelton
  13. “People are so quick to comment on somebody else’s life like they ain’t got no business of their own to mind…” – Trent Shelton

Quotes By Trent Shelton

  1. “At the end of the day, all that matters is love and memories so make sure you give it and make sure you make them.” – Trent Shelton
  2. “You can’t expect people to respect you when you don’t respect yourself. Know your worth and demand your respect.” – Trent Shelton
  3. “Don’t stay stuck on the people who’ve hurt you. Move on and let your future give you the better that you deserve.” – Trent Shelton
  4. “The right decisions are always the hardest to make it. But they must be made in order to live the life you deserve.” – Trent Shelton
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  5. “Don’t let yesterday’s pain kill today’s strength. Never be afraid to turn the page and start a new chapter. Free yourself.” – Trent Shelton
  6. “You are too strong to live life hurt. You are too beautiful to let someones ugly ways to make you insecure with yourself.” – Trent Shelton
  7. “Never make excuses for someone who disrespects you-who they are or what they do isn’t a pass to treat you like trash!” – Trent Shelton
  8. “When God doesn’t give you what you want. It’s not because you don’t deserve it, it’s because you deserve so much more.” – Trent Shelton
  9. “Never waste an opportunity to express your love to someone, because another opportunity is something life can’t promise.” – Trent Shelton
  10. “Some things are meant to happen, just not meant to be. Some things are meant to come into your life, just not meant to stay.” – Trent Shelton
  11. “Magazines don’t exist to make you feel good about yourself. They exist to keep you insecure so you’ll buy their magazines looking for answers.” – Trent Shelton
  12. “This often offends people when I say this but I don’t care. My mental health is a priority over any friendship or relationship. I’ll lose anyone and anything before I lose my mind.” – Trent Shelton
  13. “Somebody didn’t wake up today, but you did. That’s a reason to stop complaining, and that’s enough to be thankful for. Never let your troubles blind you to your daily blessings.” – Trent Shelton
  14. “They want you to do better as long as you don’t do better than them. Don’t be surprised if your success turns friends into strangers. Everybody loves you until you become a competition.” – Trent Shelton
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  15. “What they couldn’t do has nothing to do with what you can. Never let people plant their impossibilities on your life. Just because they failed doesn’t mean you can’t be successful, it’s always possible.” – Trent Shelton
  16. “Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own.” – Trent Shelton
  17. “You’ll never be able to grow if you’re afraid to lose people during the process. Sometimes past relationships don’t belong in new seasons. In order to move up, there are some things you must be willing to give up.” – Trent Shelton

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