45 Best Single Dad Quotes For Single Fathers

Father and mother are the most precious people in life. Talking about father, he is a person who is willing to sacrifice for the future of his family, especially his children.

A father worked tirelessly and complained to provide for the family. My father earns a living morning and night, whatever he does, even if it takes a lot of energy, thought, and sweat.

Father is a hard worker, loves his children, loves his family, and doesn’t give up easily. So many fathers are willing to sacrifice their own happiness because they want to make their family happy.

Being a single father is not easy and requires extraordinary strength, this single dad quotes can be an inspiration for single fathers out there, this is not just an ordinary single dad quotes, but this quote can be uplifting and inspiring.

And here are the best single dad quotes that we’ve collected from many sources on the internet:

Single Dad Quotes and Sayings

  1. “Being a single dad is hard, but my child growing up without a father is not an option.” – Unknown
  2. “The most difficult part of being a single dad is opening up your own heart at the risk of your child’s.” – Unknown
  3. “Single dad or not, just remember that you are the best dad for your child, and you are doing the best you can.” – Unknown
  4. “Single dads don’t have it easy. But they always find a way to make it work, even when they don’t know how. It’s the love for their child that pushes them through, every single time.” – Unknown
  5. “I didn’t set out to be a single dad. I set out to be the best father I could be…And that hasn’t changed.” – Unknown
  6. “I’m proud to be a single dad. I’m proud for having the courage to do it alone, the strength to never give up, and the love to put my child’s needs before my own.” – Unknown
  7. “I may be a single father, but I am proud of the dad I am. I would do anything for my kids, they are my entire world.” – Unknown
  8. “As a single dad my life may not have gone as I planned but that’s okay. I have my kids and they are all I need.” – Unknown
  9. “Did you hear? Superheroes are real. They are called single dads.” – Unknown
  10. “Being a single dad is hard, but so worth it.” – Unknown
  11. “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone extraordinary to be a single dad.” – Unknown
  12. “I can overcome anything; I am a single dad.” – Unknown
  13. “Giving up is not an option for a single dad.” – Unknown
  14. “It takes a strong man to be a single dad and take on two roles. You are amazing in your child’s eyes, so never forget that.” – Unknown
  15. “To the world, you are a single dad, but to your children, you are their everything.” – Unknown
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  16. “As a single dad there are many times you may feel like giving up, but you must not be defeated. Your kids are counting on you.” – Unknown

Single Dad Quotes For Facebook

  1. “To all the single dads out there who are feeling lonely, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, and continue to pull through each day for the sake of your children…never doubt that you are good enough. You are amazing!” – Unknown
  2. “As a single dad, I will never date anyone that doesn’t understand that my child comes first.” – Unknown
  3. “It takes someone really brave to be a single father and raise a child on his own.” – Unknown
  4. “I might be a single father, but my life is filled with more love and happiness than you can ever imagine.” – Unknown
  5. “What makes you a man is not the ability to make a child; It’s the courage to raise one.” – Barak Obama
  6. “Being a single father means you are the everything parent. You get all the tears, the joy, the tantrums, the hugs, the disappointments. And all the love.” – Unknown
  7. “Here’s to the single father’s that have taken on both roles. They don’t get appreciated enough for what they do.” – Unknown
  8. “A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman, he turns her back again.” – Enid Bagnold
  9. “The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” – Prevost Abbe
  10. “There is nothing that moves a loving father’s soul quite like his child’s cry.” – Joni Eareckson
  11. “Loving my son, building my son, touching my son, playing with my son, being with my son, these aren’t tasks that only super dads can perform. These are tasks that every dad should perform. Always. Without fail.” – Dan Pearce
  12. “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” – Ann Geddes
  13. “Noble fathers have noble children.” – Euripides

Single Dad Quotes For Instagram Bios

  1. “It takes a strong person to be a single dad and take on two roles.” – Unknown
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  2. “Being a single dad has made me stronger than I ever thought possible.” – Unknown
  3. “I didn’t plan on becoming a single father, but I know I am a better dad because of it. It caused me to revaluate my priorities, it made me look at my life, and change for the better. To change for my kids.” – Unknown
  4. “Being a single dad has made me so tired. And so happy.” – Unknown
  5. “I didn’t set out to be a single father, but I’d rather do it by myself than with someone who doesn’t want to.” – Unknown
  6. “Being a single dad lets you discover inner strengths and capabilities you never knew you had.” – Unknown
  7. “I can’t even give my father a proper gift. Every single Father’s Day means so much to me. I’m so close to him. He’s my big brother, but also my father.” – Kyrie Irving
  8. “Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears. But also twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride!” – Unknown
  9. “A boy, by the age of three years, senses that his destiny is to be a man, so he watches his father particularly- his interests, manner, speech, pleasures, his attitude towards work.” – Benjamin Spock

Proud Single Father Quotes

  1. “Becoming a father increases your capacity for love and your level of patience. It opens up another door in a person – a door which you may not even have known was there. That’s what I feel with my son. There’s suddenly another level of love that expands. My son is my greatest joy, out of everything in my life.” – Kyle MacLachlan
  2. “Being a father means you have to think fast on your feet. You must be judicious, wise, brave, tender, and willing to put on a frilly hat and sit down to a pretend tea party.” – Matthew Buckley
  3. “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets of our society.” – Billy Graham
  4. “The greatest mark of a father is how he treats his children when no one is looking.” – Dan Pearce
  5. “Being a father is about adaptation and about making the most of the opportunities that are given you.” – Colin Adams
  6. “Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and signers of songs.” – Pam Brown
  7. “A single parent’s prayer: Lord, help me be the mother and father to my children. Keep me healthy and strong on those days when I am weak. Remind me to love them in the same way that you have shown that special love for me. Amen.” – Unknown

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