65 Romantic Good Night Quotes For Lovers

Romantic Good Night Quotes can be a romantic message for your loved one. The message gives a feeling of relief in the heart and prepares for a better tomorrow.

You will definitely be happy if your goodnight words are paid off with a positive response, such as a sweet smile in return. That smile will make your night feel special too.

However, there are some people who have difficulty stringing words of romantic congratulations. If you are one of those people, these words can be a reference. Here’s a collection of Romantic Good Night Quotes

Romantic Good Night Quotes For Someone Special

  1. “May your bed and pillow embrace you as if you were sleeping on a cloud composed of the breath of my love. Good Night Honey.” – Unknown
  2. “Even in the dark, your extraordinary beauty still illuminates the room. Good night, dear.” – Unknown
  3. “I’ll make sure to steal some kisses from you in your dreams tonight! Sleep tight!” – Unknown
  4. “It’s so hard being without you. I can’t wait for tomorrow to hug you tightly. Good night, dear.” – Unknown
  5. “Good night, baby. I wish I could be with you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” – Unknown
  6. “I cannot sleep until I tell you how much I love you. Good night, the queen of my heart.” – Unknown
  7. “I am so lucky that my day starts with seeing my lover’s face and my night wraps up with her sweet voice. Good night honey I love you.” – Unknown
  8. “You have had a long day and now it is time to give that pretty mind some rest. Sleep well dear, good night!” – Unknown
  9. “Baby, today was rough and stressful for you so now you need some beauty sleep! Go to bed early tonight! I love you!” – Unknown
  10. “Let’s meet in our dreams, sweetie. I love you so much. I can’t wait for tomorrow!” – Unknown
  11. “Good night, my lady. May you have all the beautiful dreams in your sleep. I love you so much. Have a peaceful sleep, baby.” – Unknown
  12. “I want you to have the sweetest dream and peaceful sleep, my love. It was a wonderful day with you, and you must be tired now. So, take some rest, my queen. Good night.” – Unknown
  13. “Before you drift off to the dreamland, think of all the good things you have done today. You always make me proud! Good night!” – Unknown
  14. “You are the one I think about when I’m awake, and you are the one who I dream about when I sleep. Sweet dreams, honey!” – Unknown
  15. “Wish I could take you in my arms right now and never let you escape from my bear hug! Sleep well tonight, my love!” – Unknown
  16. “The night is my favorite part of the day, where everything is quiet and peaceful, and I hope you enjoy yours the same!” – Unknown

Romantic Good Night Quotes For Him

  1. “I hope that this night rewards you for the outstanding person and lover that you are!” – Unknown
  2. “The moonlight is devoted to providing the perfect glow for you to have a restful night!” – Unknown
  3. “Tonight, you will have one of your most peaceful rests ever, as I securely nuzzle you in my bosom.” – Unknown
  4. “A love like mine is always on call 24 hours a day, to always guarantee that you have a good night!” – Unknown
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  5. “Dear darling, the night time is the right time for me to give you my best performance of the day!” – Unknown
  6. “Having the opportunity to be with you makes the twilight my most-anticipated time of the day. Good Night Honey.” – Unknown
  7. “I think of you every day and every night because you are the one for me. I love you so much! Good Night!” – Unknown
  8. “I hope this night gifts you the peace, riches, and joy that being in love with you gives me.” – Unknown
  9. “The words of the universe aren’t enough to tell you how much my heart loves your entire being. Good night, my precious love.” – Unknown
  10. “May your night be as sweet as the natural sugar that covers your lips. I Love You Honey.” – Unknown
  11. “May the clouds and stars perform a sensuous mating dance to remind you of me during this beautiful night!” – Unknown
  12. “May the sandman visit you this midnight with a dream as entertaining as your favorite movie! Good Night Honey I love you.” –Unknown
  13. “Honey, your day was already exceptional, but may your night be even more outstanding.” – Unknown

Romantic Good Night Quotes For Her

  1. “Babe, when you and the sandman meet tonight, may he greet you with a bouquet of your favorite flowers on my behalf!” – Unknown
  2. “May this marvelous night remind you that my love for you will remain as everlasting as the heavens.” – Unknown
  3. “Sweetheart, may the cool night breeze give you a night as peaceful as that of a sleeping bird.” – Unknown
  4. “Thank you for making my day. Now, close your eyes and sleep peacefully, dear. I love you.” – Unknown
  5. “My days are full of you and my nights are full of your thoughts. I wish we could be together right now. Good night my dear love!” – Unknown
  6. “Hello baby, thank you for being the best boyfriend in the world! I fall in love with you a little bit more every day. Good night love!” – Unknown
  7. “Wish I could see how beautiful you look when you sleep. Good night, love.” – Unknown
  8. “Thinking about you keeps me awake. Nights are so lonely without you. Good night, baby. Sleep well.” – Unknown
  9. “It’s hard to sleep alone at night. I wish I could hold you close and sleep peacefully in your arms. Good night, love. Have a peaceful sleep.” – Unknown
  10. “May your night be as beautiful as you made my day. Give some rest to your body, so it functions the best for you tomorrow. Good night, sweetheart.” – Unknown

Romantic Good Night Love Quotes

  1. “You are the best thing in my life. Good night, love!” – Unknown
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  2. “Honey, this is just to let you know that I’m thinking of you as I lie in my bed. Have a good night and dream about me because I will surely see you in my dreams.” – Unknown
  3. “Baby I’m hungry, but I want you to feed me from your lips to my lips.” – Unknown
  4. “I love you to the moon and back. Good night, love.” – Unknown
  5. “As you go to bed, know that this night will not last forever, but our love will. You are the best thing in my life, sweetheart. I love you so much. Good night.” – Unknown
  6. “I want to always be in your thoughts and heart like you are always in mine. Good night, my love.” – Unknown
  7. “No matter how dark the night is, the moon of my life will always be shining with the light of a million stars. Good night my love!” – Unknown
  8. “Having you in my life makes me realize how miserable my life was without you. Good night, my love.” – Unknown
  9. “We may be far away from each other, but our souls are always connected with love, darling. Have a good night.” – Unknown

Romantic Good Night Babe Quotes

  1. “Let my love be the one to warm your heart tonight. Sleep well, baby.” – Unknown
  2. “If I could list all the things I am grateful for today, you will be at the very top. Have a good night, my precious!” – Unknown
  3. “Good night my love! I wish to be with you even in my dreams. Because you make them colorful for me!” – Unknown
  4. “Good night, darling, and have pleasant dreams. I hope we meet each other in the dream world. Kisses and hugs.” – Unknown
  5. “You always make my day beautiful. I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow and be in your arms. For now, I want you to go to bed with the knowledge that I truly love and cherish you. Good night.” – Unknown
  6. “A beautiful night like this should be spent with a beautiful person. I’m happy because I have you. Good night my love!” – Unknown
  7. “Sugar, it is only rightful that a night full of peaceful, optimistic dreams is waiting for you!” – Unknown
  8. “Thinking of you before I go to sleep always makes me feel better, and I hope thoughts of me have the same effect on you also! Good night honey.” – Unknown
  9. “The tender caress of the night’s air can only be bested by the touch of my hands as they smoothly glide across your body. Good Night Honey I Love You.” – Unknown

Romantic Good Night Quotes For My Love

  1. “My cold bed and pillows miss your presence so much, baby. I cannot wait to meet you in my dreams tonight! Sweet dreams to you!” – Unknown
  2. “You rocked the world with your grace today, honey. Now have a good sleep and lift your spirits for tomorrow! Good night my sweet love!” – Unknown
  3. “Darling, I hope you had a good and enjoyable day at work today. Wishing for you to have a better tomorrow. Good night baby, I love you!” – Unknown
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  4. “Now that I have you in my life, every day is bright, sunny, and full of happiness! I love you; good night sweetheart!” – Unknown
  5. “Handsome, thank you for being the reason for my sweet dreams. Good night.” – Unknown
  6. “Good night, dear boyfriend. You are the reason I go to bed smiling no matter how bad the day was.” – Unknown
  7. “Wishing good night to the most handsome man in the world. May you have the sweetest dream of your life tonight!” – Unknown
  8. “Every night when I think of you, it reminds me how lucky I’m to have you! Good night, love.“ – Unknown

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