65 Best Rod Wave Quotes For Instagram Captions

Rod Wave, is an American rapper. He is known for his strong voice and fusion of hip hop and R&B, and has been recognized as a pioneer of soul-trap. Most of his works come from his personal experiences which everyone can relate to.

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Best Rod Wave Quotes

  1. “We all wasted the best version of ourselves with someone who didn’t give a f*ck.” – Rod Wave
  2. “Music saved my life.” – Rod Wave
  3. “Don’t let nobody who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.” – Rod Wave
  4. “You only live one time. Don’t spend it doing something you hate. Chase your dream, kid.” – Rod Wave
  5. “Nobody told me the road would be easy. I can’t believe I made it this far. My whole life, I’ve been working so hard.” – Rod Wave
  6. “The only thing guaranteed is death, and the most valuable thing we have is time.” – Rod Wave
  7. “Nobody perfect. Just admit you were wrong and get it right this time.” – Rod Wave
  8. “If I cross some hills and I disappeared, would you be here? Would you still write me?” – Rod Wave
  9. “I don’t want no more love. I feel it’s poison.” – Rod Wave
  10. “I give my heart to whoever, they take it, and they ran.” – Rod Wave
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  11. “I’ve been looking for the right kind of love.” – Rod Wave
  12. “I got one more piece of my heart left, and I’ve been saving it for you.” – Rod Wave
  13. “If your heart really all mine, why I gotta fight for it.” – Rod Wave
  14. “Remember when I first confessed my love, and I cried? I remembered when I asked you bout that n*gg*, and you lied.” – Rod Wave
  15. “Tell me how do I find love if I never seen it.” – Rod Wave
  16. “You said you love me, but you are leaving me. I guess love ain’t what it seems to be.” – Rod Wave
  17. “Sometimes, it’s too late to make amends.” – Rod Wave
  18. “An apology without change is just manipulation.” – Rod Wave
  19. “I’m obsessed with becoming a better person and getting my life together.” – Rod Wave
  20. “It’s okay to start over. Let someone else love you the right way.” – Rod Wave
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  21. “Straight from the bottom, and now we way, way up.” – Rod Wave
  22. “I’m in with the struggle. I’m in with the hustle. I’m in with the problems.” – Rod Wave
  23. “I used to put my headphones in and forget about the whole world. I make music for people like me.” – Rod Wave

Rod Wave Quotes For Instagram

  1. “Even if that sh*t is eating you up inside, you gotta keep it going and move on.” – Rod Wave
  2. “Get some money, travel, see the world. You’ll feel way better.” – Rod Wave
  3. “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” – Rod Wave
  4. “I done been here so many times you’d think I know how to handle it by now.” – Rod Wave
  5. “It’s like people focus on looking happy more than being happy.” – Rod Wave
  6. “You a leader to them people and them young n*gg*s is watching. Them young n*gg*s believe in you. Don’t let them down. Be cautious.” – Rod Wave
  7. “Seen so many faces, been so many places, caught some cases.” – Rod Wave
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  8. “Truth hurt. Sometimes, I sit back and accept the lies.” – Rod Wave
  9. “It’s hard to get me some peace with all the sh*t that I be battling. So many ups and downs, sometimes, I feel like I can’t balance it.” – Rod Wave
  10. “I feel like I’m in this world alone, but this is the life I chose.” – Rod Wave
  11. “Be scared to find out what’s what. The ones that let you down be the ones you love so much.” – Rod Wave
  12. “If you’re looking for someone perfect on earth, you’ll never find them.” – Rod Wave
  13. “Heart been broken so many times, I don’t know what to believe. Mama said it’s my fault I wear my heart on my sleeves.” – Rod Wave
  14. “Got me on my knees. I’m asking God what’s my purpose.” – Rod Wave
  15. “I know it’s hard dealing with a heart that you didn’t break.” – Rod Wave
  16. “Anybody can want you. It’s different when someone actually values you.” – Rod Wave
  17. “God bless the child that can hold his own.” – Rod Wave
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  18. “This world cold boy. It’s crazy how we find that out. Some of us never bounce back.” – Rod Wave

Rod Wave Motivational Quotes

  1. “You can break something in two seconds. Sh*t going to take forever to fix.” – Rod Wave
  2. “I’m moving on in life, so don’t ask me about no old sh*t.” – Rod Wave
  3. “Ain’t no telling who all ’round for what reasons, like what’s they true intentions.” – Rod Wave
  4. “Hope you don’t think ’cause I got change, that’s what made me change. It’s just this life got so strange, I had to switch lanes.” – Rod Wave
  5. “You are looking for a rich n*gg* and not a real n*gg*. That’s why you are falling short.” – Rod Wave
  6. “It’s hard to keep your eye on the prize when you come out the trenches where n*gg*s they don’t survive.” – Rod Wave
  7. “Can’t make everybody happy. They feel like I’m doing them dirt.” – Rod Wave

Short Rod Wave Quotes

  1. “My soul ain’t for this generation.” – Rod Wave
  2. “If they don’t got a story these days, they’ll make one.” – Rod Wave
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  3. “It takes a strong, strong heart to heal a broken soul.” – Rod Wave
  4. “You want to be happy? You got to let sh*t go and let sh*t be what it is.” – Rod Wave
  5. “The wider my eyes open, the smaller the world gets.” – Rod Wave
  6. “Just ’cause they couldn’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t.” – Rod Wave
  7. “I remember everything, the shine and the struggle. I remember all the pain, all the grind, all the hustle.” – Rod Wave
  8. “Just know it’s going to get tough, it’s going to get rough, but when you’ve had enough, you can’t give up.” – Rod Wave
  9. “Somehow, I keep on all my friends, I came to the conclusion it’s not them.” – Rod Wave
  10. “I woke up this morning with tomorrow on my brain. Today could be the day I fall a victim to the game.” – Rod Wave
  11. “We met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson.” – Rod Wave
  12. “Where I’m from, it’s an eye for an eye, nothing else. Ain’t no love, it ain’t no help. Every man for they self.” – Rod Wave
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  13. “Only reason I keep going ’cause I know you n*gg*s hate it and my real fans.” – Rod Wave
  14. “Distance is my new response.” – Rod Wave
  15. “You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She’s loved before. She may love again, but if she loves you now, what else matters.” – Rod Wave
  16. “I need someone I can run to. Thugs need love too.” – Rod Wave
  17. “I know that I hurt you. I was a child trying to be a man.” – Rod Wave

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