77 Best Polo G Quotes And Sayings From Songs

Polo G is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record executive. She is only 21 years old, but her songs reveal the struggles of someone much older.

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Best Polo G Quotes

  1. “I just try to be as humble as possible.” – Polo G
  2. “Turned that pain into passion and made it happen.” – Polo G
  3. “I know I ain’t perfect. But damn, at least a n*gg* try.” – Polo G
  4. “When everybody was singing the song and everything it just made me smile.” – Polo G
  5. “I’m competing with myself to outdo previous achievements, but I can’t feel any pressure from the fans, the media, or the people at all because I know what I’m capable of.” – Polo G
  6. “The higher up you go the more they feel like you owe them something.” – Polo G
  7. “Had to tell myself, ‘N*gg*, go take it, you deserve it.’ Only know what I let ’em, this shit deeper than the surface.” – Polo G
  8. “I would feel like I’m selling my soul if I let dis fame shit take me out my character.” – Polo G
  9. “Like when you lose a case, now you on the judge and you on the police time. You ain’t on your own time. You can’t freely do whatever you want to do.” – Polo G
  10. “I ain’t got nobody. But I’m always there for somebody when they need me.” – Polo G
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  11. “Whatever’s meant to be is gon’ figure itself out.” – Polo G
  12. “In order to break through barriers, you gotta be okay with being tired.” – Polo G
  13. “One of the most important things is to evolve from what you used to be.” – Polo G
  14. “I just wanted to be able to say that I raised my kids and my family around a better environment than I was brought up in.” – Polo G
  15. “At the end of the day, I’m willing to rock by myself over being with people that don’t have my best interest.” – Polo G
  16. “God, please watch over me, and please forgive me for all my mistakes.” – Polo G
  17. “I’m versatile with my sound. I can switch it up a lot.” – Polo G
  18. “I have to be responsible with my character, my image, and my reputation.” – Polo G

Polo G Quotes For Instagram

  1. “Another man’s success should never make you mad.” – Polo G
  2. “Gotta calculate every move before you make it.” – Polo G
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  3. “A real gangsta humble enough to walk away from certain situations, everything ain’t about proving a point.” – Polo G
  4. “Tellin’ the truth is crazy in a world full of lies.” – Polo G
  5. “These days loyalty be so fragile.” – Polo G
  6. “The pills help me get through harder times ‘cause it’s like it takes that away from my mind.” – Polo G
  7. “I take full accountability for everything that happens in my life, even when I’m not in the wrong.” – Polo G
  8. “I’m cool with being me, I’m not tryna be nobody else.” – Polo G
  9. “It doesn’t matter—1 versus 100. I’m gonna still stand my ground, regardless.” – Polo G
  10. “When it’s genuine, you don’t gotta try that hard.” – Polo G
  11. “Time and time again, you gotta have to remind the world who you are. That can only become difficult if you forget.” – Polo G
  12. “People always try and project their own fears and insecurities onto you. That’s why self-worth is important.” – Polo G
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  13. “You gotta embrace every moment that comes with life—the wins and the losses.” – Polo G
  14. “I ride one deep by myself. I never needed no help.” – Polo G
  15. “If you spend all your time tryna have the best of both worlds you’ll never be satisfied with what you got. It’s either one or the other.” – Polo G
  16. “Involving yourself with the wrong people can stunt your growth.” – Polo G
  17. “I learned that I gotta stop takin’ everything in life so personal.” – Polo G
  18. “Make sure you always think about and incorporate branding. Push yours before anybody else’s.” – Polo G
  19. “Life is so much better when you mind your business.” – Polo G
  20. “Can’t allow yourself to be mad over something that’s not in your control.” – Polo G
  21. “I wanted to get people to feel where I’m coming from and connect with people who are feeling the same way that I am.” – Polo G

Polo G Quotes From Songs

  1. “I didn’t want my son to see the same things I had seen growing up or have to go through the same things I went through.” – Polo G
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  2. “I used to look out for a lot of different things to find happiness in but I just had to find it within myself. That was like the main thing. Just depression.” – Polo G
  3. “I put a lot of pressure on myself just to be the best version of me.” – Polo G
  4. “I used to feel like it was up to me to help out everybody.” – Polo G
  5. “Some of the hardest challenges I’ve faced throughout life was really just like bein’ depressed, not feelin’ myself.” – Polo G
  6. “I’m so traumatized from all this pain. Don’t think I will ever be the same.” – Polo G
  7. “I come from a dark place, I’ll never be there again.” – Polo G
  8. “Relationships get hard but we all got one person we stuck to.” – Polo G
  9. “To all my loved ones in heaven; I see you smiling.” – Polo G
  10. “Baby, at the end of the day, no matter what we go through, I’d still do anything to be with you.” – Polo G
  11. “I give 70% of loyalty, 20% of love, and 10% of trust.” – Polo G
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  12. “We share a space, we build a bond. Love is inevitable.” – Polo G
  13. “Don’t be having me out here thinking you mine. When in real life, you somebody else’s.” – Polo G
  14. “I been through so much that it be hard to say ‘I love you.’” – Polo G
  15. “I just want genuine support from the people I love.” – Polo G
  16. “I only wanna be in a crowd of people who gon’ keep it 100 points, 100% real with me.” – Polo G
  17. “I’m my toughest critic. I always push myself to go harder than I did last time.” – Polo G
  18. “I be so deep in my thoughts it be hard to snap out of that shit. ” – Polo G

Inspirational Polo G Quotes

  1. “I’m the type to sit in the cut and just observe everything.” – Polo G
  2. “Feel like I’m above all the lame simple-minded shit at this point.” – Polo G
  3. “When you are getting money, it’s hard to tell who with you.” – Polo G
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  4. “Life had knocked me down and then that savage started merging.” – Polo G
  5. “Depending on what you do today, you gotta live with each decision that you chose to make.” – Polo G
  6. “Everything gon’ fall in place at the right time.” – Polo G
  7. “Don’t waste spendin’ yo whole life just chasin’ after one dream. One passion could be a distraction from yo true calling.” – Polo G
  8. “The worst thing a person can do is make another person feel worthless.” – Polo G
  9. “Everything happens in real-time, so make decisions that are easy to live with.” – Polo G
  10. “In order to keep a one-track mind on your goals, you gotta block out opinions. Just do you.” – Polo G
  11. “Sometimes you gotta acknowledge that you are proud of yourself. F*ck validation from other people.” – Polo G
  12. “Crazy how I had to bump my head a thousand times before I finally got it.” – Polo G
  13. “Good music you don’t gotta know the words, the words know you.” – Polo G
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  14. “Music is so important. Because in Chicago, it’s up to us to tell the stories nobody else will.” – Polo G
  15. “I grew a strong passion for music. The more I did the music thing, it’s like I saw myself going far with it. I believed in myself.” – Polo G
  16. “I have only so many songs to choose from when I’m deciding on the album. So I learned that I’m a little slow as far as dishing out music, but I learned to be patient with myself and not rush anything.” – Polo G
  17. “There’s so much stuff that you see everyday that you want to talk about, but I’m not the type to open up, so the only way I could open up is through music.” – Polo G
  18. “Since I was nine years old, I knew how to make a song. But when I got older, I used it as a way to express myself.” – Polo G
  19. “I’m pretty good at delivering my songs, but I just want to perfect the craft by creating melodies.” – Polo G
  20. “My writing process is I just reflect on situations that I’ve been through and just think about it as deeply as I can and then just translate it into lyrics.” – Polo G

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