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Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Bi Bottom are NBA YoungBoy Quotes about love and success taken from the lyrics of his popular songs.

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NBA YoungBoy Quotes

  1. “If I delete our pictures you lost me..” – NBA YoungBoy
  2. “To me blood doesn’t define family loyalty does, cause it’s people that I’m related to that I don’t even consider family” – NBA YoungBoy
  3. “If you gotta rock alone, rock alone dawg it’ll be allright” – NBA YoungBoy
  4. “My anger has always been reflection of how hurt I am, nobody understands that ” – NBA YoungBoy
  5. “You don’t have to my family to be my brother” – NBA YoungBoy
  6. “The worst pain is being hurt by person you explained your pain to” – NBA YoungBoy
  7. “Sorry if I’m becoming distant I’m tryna be there for my self now ” – NBA YoungBoy
  8. “If losing me doesn’t bother you, then you was never real to begin with.” – NBA YoungBoy
  9. “I been hiding all this pain with a smile” – NBA YoungBoy
  10. “Words mean nothin a person can tell you anything but actions gone show anything” – NBA YoungBoy
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  11. “Love hurts.. but f*ck it..” – NBA YoungBoy
  12. “Being royal behind my back the realist sh*t you can do” – NBA YoungBoy
  13. “You can only be mad at yourself from overplaying your part. .. just learning from it” – NBA YoungBoy
  14. “Can see the pain in my eyes but I always smile” – NBA YoungBoy
  15. “My chest gotta icebox inside it”– NBA YoungBoy
  16. “I be pretending like I’m heartless, when shit constantly getting to me everyday ” – NBA YoungBoy
  17. “I let you into my World, then you became it” – NBA YoungBoy
  18. “I value loyalty too much in a world where loyalty doesn’t matter” – NBA YoungBoy
  19. “They say I changed a lot, I say a lot changed me” – NBA YoungBoy
  20. “Time is money I ain’t wasting time. I’m feelin’ like Kobe I’m in my prime.” – NBA YoungBoy
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  21. “Play your role. Newer fw somebody more that they fw you cause they’ll use your heart agains you” – NBA YoungBoy
  22. “Without loyalty, you won’t accomplish anything.” – NBA YoungBoy
  23. “If you could read my mind you would be in tears” – NBA YoungBoy
  24. “Better stop showing more that people showing you” – NBA YoungBoy
  25. “Cut me off before you hurt me I don’t have time for heartbreak” – NBA YoungBoy
  26. “I don’t give up on people easy so just know, if I cut you off, you messed up ” – NBA YoungBoy
  27. “Feel like nobody out here for me & I’m okay with that” – NBA YoungBoy
  28. “I am still tryna heal from my past while trying live like I’m okay” – NBA YoungBoy
  29. “You the one I want you the one I need” – NBA YoungBoy
  30. “Nobody is going to understand why you love someone the way you do.. except you.” – NBA YoungBoy
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  31. “If they don’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you ” – NBA YoungBoy
  32. “I won’t say that I am good but I’ll be allright, it won’t rain forever ” – NBA YoungBoy
  33. “We all got the same 24 hours.. the time you spend speaking on me you could be getting yourself right. ” – NBA YoungBoy Quotes
  34. “We all lost a good bond and over some wack sh*t” – NBA YoungBoy
  35. “Whenever you miss me just remember you had me, and I wasn’t enough” – NBA YoungBoy
  36. “After you show me your true colors I’m not thinking “just let it go” I’m thinking “just let them go” – NBA YoungBoy
  37. “I will be forever say “I got this” with you” – NBA YoungBoy
  38. “I need nobody and I never needed nothing from nobody. I got me” – NBA YoungBoy
  39. “I will never NEEDED anyone, I was fine before you, I’ll be fine without you.. ” – NBA YoungBoy
  40. “Appreciate the people who make an effort to be part of your life, not the ones who talk about it” – NBA YoungBoy
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  41. “The worst part about being strong is nobody knowing that your hurt” – NBA YoungBoy
  42. “Ain’t no love out there. They only love what you can do for them” – NBA YoungBoy
  43. “Hard to tell what is real and whats fake when everyone has a smile on your face..” – NBA YoungBoy
  44. “I need someone who’s gone lift me up and hold me down even more ” – NBA YoungBoy
  45. “I peep all the fake love, I don’t even speak on it I’ll just cut you off and won’t say nothing” – NBA YoungBoy
  46. “Don’t ever think you used me, you just run in to a real one with a big heart” – NBA YoungBoy
  47. “I always say “imma do them like they do me”, but its not even in my heart to be like that ” – NBA YoungBoy
  48. “Real isn’t what someone say, it’s what they do ” – NBA YoungBoy
  49. “If you lose me, you stupid” – NBA YoungBoy
  50. “My heart a lil hurt but I always thug it out” – NBA YoungBoy
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  51. “When a person speaks out of anger give attention, cause that’s how they been feeling..” – NBA YoungBoy
  52. “Don’t let your ego be your downfall” – NBA YoungBoy
  53. “The real gone remain and the fake gone fade, you might not like it but it’s the truth” – NBA YoungBoy

NBA Youngboy Quotes 2022

  1. “The realist ones have the hardest way of living” – NBA YoungBoy
  2. “My parents told me “ the problem with putting others first is you’ve taught them you come last “ and that hit me hard” – NBA YoungBoy
  3. “I wish someone would just come and stay and never leave…” – NBA YoungBoy
  4. “People killed the value of, friendships, relationships and loyalty” – NBA YoungBoy
  5. “Even with a broken heart, I still be tryna love like I was never hurt before” – NBA YoungBoy
  6. “It’s hard trying to fix a heart that you ain’t even break” – NBA YoungBoy
  7. “If I spend money on you it’s not because I got it like that .. it’s because I got you like that .” – NBA YoungBoy
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  8. “Never forget they treated you when you was down” – NBA YoungBoy
  9. “Keep it real with me I love honesty and loyalty” – NBA YoungBoy
  10. “I wanna love, but it is worth risking heart break again ” – NBA YoungBoy
  11. “I don’t wanna fight no more, I need you by my side to help me escape this pain” – NBA YoungBoy
  12. “Youngboy never broke again freshman pitch” – NBA YoungBoy
  13. “I love that girl to death” – NBA YoungBoy
  14. “Everyday I’m constantly trying to fight pain with “just keep your head up” – NBA YoungBoy
  15. “Keep it real” – NBA YoungBoy
  16. “I still find a way keep my head up even I feel like I’m losing myself in this life..” – NBA YoungBoy
  17. “It’s crazy how I’m still able to hold myself up even after all the pain…” – NBA YoungBoy
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  18. “Real love just don’t fade away so if it did, it wasn’t love” – NBA YoungBoy
  19. “Stop doing so much for someone who don’t do shit for you” – NBA YoungBoy
  20. “My pain getting to me everyday but the way I carry myself you never could tell.” – NBA YoungBoy
  21. “Love, honesty and loyalty that’s all I ask for..” – NBA YoungBoy
  22. “Wish I could tell someone the whole story of why I am the way I am ..” – NBA YoungBoy
  23. “It hurt me because I wanna be your everything but I’m not” – NBA YoungBoy
  24. “I am hurting inside, I can’t fake it. I just smile .. Better days are coming” – NBA YoungBoy
  25. “I rather be alone it feels like no matter how much I try It’s never enough…” – NBA YoungBoy
  26. “Feels like I been able to hide my pain from everyone except myself” – NBA YoungBoy
  27. “I love you, I love you. If you got me, I got you. If you cross me it’s for life ” – NBA YoungBoy
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  28. “Change with me, don’t change on me” – NBA YoungBoy
  29. “if you see me doing good, leave me alone” – NBA YoungBoy
  30. “Not finna keep showing you imma good one.. you just gone miss out” – NBA YoungBoy
  31. “You hurt me deep when I was down at my lowest” – NBA YoungBoy
  32. “I don’t know how I still love, like my pain don’t exist” – NBA YoungBoy
  33. “Success hit different when nobody believed in you” – NBA YoungBoy
  34. “mad respect to the people who can move on without the apology they deserve” – NBA YoungBoy
  35. “A person that doesn’t trust nobody, once trusted somebody TOO MUCH” – NBA YoungBoy
  36. “You ain’t real until you can admit your wrongs & deal with the problems you caused .” – NBA YoungBoy
  37. “I’m committed to my family.”  – NBA YoungBoy
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  38. “I rather be alone then be surrounded by fake love” – NBA YoungBoy
  39. “When time get hard, smile it could be a lot worse” – NBA YoungBoy
  40. “Setbacks hurt, but them comebacks feel so damn good.” – NBA YoungBoy
  41. “Energy never lies, if they acting funny they found someone new” – NBA YoungBoy
  42. “The less we talk the less I care and that’s for anybody..” – NBA YoungBoy
  43. “I just smile because I know it could be worse”– NBA YoungBoy
  44. “Pain only temporary don’t let nobody have control over your mentally” – NBA YoungBoy
  45. “to be happy you really gotta not give af..” – NBA YoungBoy

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