47 Best Mandalorian Quotes From The Star Wars TV Series

Mandalorian is a fictional people related to the planet Mandalore in the Star Wars universe, He is a lone bounty hunter operating in the Outer Ring, far from the dominion of the New Republic, going on many surprising and risky adventures.

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Best Mandalorian Quotes

  1. “I’m sorry, lady. I don’t understand frog.” – The Mandalorian
  2. “A Mandalorian and a Jedi? They’ll never see it coming.” – The Mandalorian
  3. “You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you have in your possession, but you do not. Soon, he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know.” – The Mandalorian
  4. “I’ll see you again. I promise.” – The Mandalorian
  5. “Do not self destruct. We’re shooting our way out.” – The Mandalorian
  6. “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.” – The Mandalorian
  7. “I like those odds.” – The Mandalorian
  8. “I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.” – The Mandalorian
  9. “Stop touching things.” – The Mandalorian
  10. “Bad news. You can’t live here anymore.” – The Mandalorian
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  11. “She’s no good to us dead.” – The Mandalorian
  12. “Real backwater skug hole. Means it’s perfect for us.” – The Mandalorian
  13. “Well, looks like this planet’s taken.” – The Mandalorian
  14. “You know you’re not so bad for a droid.” – The Mandalorian

Funny Mandalorian Quotes

  1. “I don’t want your armor. I want my armor.” – Boba Fett
  2. “A friendly piece of advice, assume that I know everything.” – Moff Gideon
  3. “I will initiate self-destruct.” – IG-11
  4. “They all hate you, Mando. Because you’re a legend!” – Greef Karga
  5. “Grogu and I can feel each other’s thoughts.” – Ahsoka Tano
  6. “Come, little one.” – Luke Skywalker
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  7. “Such a large bounty for such a small package.” – The Client
  8. “Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna walk to my ship, with the kid. And you’re gonna let it happen.” – The Mandalorian
  9. “This child is extremely gifted and has been blessed with rare properties that have the potential to bring order back to the galaxy.” – Moff Gideon
  10. “The kid’s coming with me.” – The Mandalorian
  11. “I’ve been quested to bring him to his kind. If I can locate other Mandalorians, they can help guide me.” – The Mandalorian
  12. “He’s hidden his abilities over the years to survive.” – Ahsoka
  13. “Come on, baby! Do the magic hand thing.” – Greef Karga
  14. “Wherever I go, he goes.” – The Mandalorian

Star Wars Mandalorian Quotes

  1. “I guess every once in a while both suns shine on a womp rat’s tail.” – Cobb Vanth
  2. “Mandalorians are stronger together.” – Bo-Katan Kryze
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  3. “I’ve seen what such feelings can do to a fully trained Jedi Knight, to the best of us.” – Ahsoka Tano
  4. “I like firsts, good or bad, they’re always memorable.” – Ahsoka Tano
  5. “He said you were the best in the parsec.” – The Client
  6. “Our secrecy is our survival. Our survival is our strength.” – The Armorer
  7. “Do not cast doubt upon that of what I am nor whom I shall serve.” – Kuiil
  8. “None will be free until the old ways are gone forever.” – Kuiil
  9. “Your storied lives will come to an unceremonious end.” – Moff Gideon
  10. “What it is, I don’t know. But what it does, this I’ve heard rumors of.” – Kuiil
  11. “Mandalorian isn’t a race.” – Cara Dune
  12. “It’s gonna break his little heart.” – Cara Dune
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  13. “Pay up, Mudscuffers.” – Cara Dune
  14. “You got a real thing for Droids.” – Cara Dune
  15. “Unless you want to go another round, one of us is going to have to leave, and I was here first.” – Cara Dune
  16. “Bounty hunting is a complicated profession.” – The Client
  17. “I will help you. I have spoken.” – Kuiil
  18. “When one chooses to walk the Way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey.” – The Armorer
  19. “Your name will be legendary.” – Fennec Shand

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