74 Best Mamma Mia Quotes For Instagram Captions

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Mamma Mia is a 2008 jukebox musical romantic comedy film directed by Phyllida Lloyd and written by Catherine Johnson, Mamma Mia is full of fun adventures and songs that will make you want to dance every time you watch it.

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Mamma Mia Quotes For Instagram Captions

Mamma Mia Quotes For Instagram Captions
  1. “I don’t care if you slept with hundreds of men, you’re my mom, and I love you so much.” – Sophie
  2. “I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.” – Sky
  3. “Hey, hey, wait a minute. I had to go home. I was engaged. But I told Lorraine I couldn’t marry her and I came right back.” – Sam
  4. “Hey. Right in time for breakfast. We’re serving up the works here.” – Bill
  5. “You don’t mess with a masterpiece.” – Barman
  6. “I have two grown children. I know something about letting go.” – Sam
  7. “In your case, age becomes you as it does a tree, the wine, and cheese.” – Officer
  8. “The best things in life, the very best things happen unexpectedly.” – Donna
  9. “It’s about knowing who I am. And I wanted to get married knowing who I am.” – Sophie
  10. “You have the courage of a lion, the passion of a panther, and the wisdom of a flamingo.” – Fernando
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  11. “May the best of our lives be the best of our lives.” – Tanya
  12. “We danced on the beach, and we kissed on the beach, and dot, dot, dot.” – Sophie
  13. “Do what makes your soul shine.” – Rosie
  14. “It’s one of those serendipitous moments in life when three complete strangers share a common thought.” – Bill
  15. “Whatever happened to our Donna? Life and soul of the party!” – Tanya
  16. “They have no right to turn up like this. What have they ever done for their daughter? Huh?” – Donna

Funny Mamma Mia Quotes

Funny Mamma Mia Quotes
  1. “You always knew how to make an entrance.” – Sam
  2. “Somebody up there has got it in for me. I bet it’s my mother.” – Donna
  3. “There’s an island, Kalokairi. People used to think if you sailed on from there, you’d fall off the edge of the world. That sounds like the place for me.” – Donna
  4. “Because I was crazy enough to think that you would be waiting for me. Only when I arrived, they told me you were off with some other guy. So, Lorraine called me an idiot and married me to prove it.” – Sam
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  5. “I bought her this. It cost me 10 quid, plus my Johnny Rotten T-shirt. Your mother knew quite a rebel.” – Harry
  6. “Well, you’re not going to tell me that you have a twin sister, are you?” – Bill
  7. “Excuse me. Hello. This is a hen party. Women only. Thank you.” – Rosie
  8. “Am I getting this right? Sophie may be mine, but she may be Bill’s or Harry’s?” – Donna
  9. “I don’t want my children growing up, not knowing who their father is, because it’s just, it’s crap!” – Sophie
  10. “Excuse me. Coming through. I have a senior citizen with me. Thank you. My mother needs a perch.” – Rosie
  11. “Now, listen, listen, what we’re gonna do is—we’ll get them plastered tonight, and then tomorrow, Tanya and I will take them fishing.” – Rosie
  12. “Whatever you dream, we’ll make it real.” – Señor Cienfuegos
  13. “Nothing focuses the mind like the last minute.” – Sophie
  14. “Last night, I discovered something wonderful. It was a wake-up call, a way to look at myself and what I really want out of life.” – Harry
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  15. “You know what to do. You don’t have to do anything.” – Donna
  16. “The thing about the toilet—If it doesn’t flush right away, just go, and come back in a while, and it should—nothing works around here, except for me.” – Donna
  17. “I don’t know where they are, I don’t know why they’re here, and I have brought this all on myself because I was a stupid, reckless little slut.” – Donna
  18. “There’s no use climbing the ladder if you’re on completely the wrong wall.” – Harry
  19. “Well, they didn’t need to know, did they? I’ve done a great job with Soph all by myself, and I won’t be muscled out by an ejaculation.” – Donna

Best Mamma Mia Quotes

Best Mamma Mia Quotes
  1. “Well, honey—I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t go home. You know? When I got pregnant, my mother told me not to bother coming back. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My God, look at what we’ve had.” – Donna
  2. “This is my reality. Hard work and a crippling mortgage.” – Donna
  3. “I may look like I’m pondering my securities, but in reality, I’m trekking across some remote corner of the planet.” – Harry
  4. “All my life, there’s been this huge unanswered question, and I don’t want any more secrecy.” – Sophie
  5. “Oh, because of what you’ve done. I mean, the Dynamos, raising a kid and running a business, all on your own.” – Sophie
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  6. “The earth moved, darling. We’re falling apart here.” – Donna
  7. “That is you, that’s not me! Okay? I love Sky more than anything in the world, and I—Arrgh! Did you feel that way before you got married?” – Sophie
  8. “I’ve done the big white wedding, and believe me, it doesn’t always end in ‘happy ever after.’” – Sam
  9. “Typical isn’t it? You wait 20 years for a dad and then 3 come along at once.” – Rosie
  10. “That doesn’t come from finding your father. That comes from finding yourself.” – Sky
  11. “Though my dad drew the line at my third.” –
  12. “I will know my father as soon as I see him.” – Sophie
  13. “It’s just, over the years people have tended to be extremely complimentary about my ears.” – Harry
  14. “If she were more like me, she wouldn’t be getting married at 20.” – Donna
  15. “Yeah, if you hadn’t just dumped my mother and gone off and Tanya married somebody else.” – Sophie
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  16. “I’ve heard all this from my mother, and I think she knows me better than you do.” – Sophie
  17. “I feel like there’s a part of me missing, and when I meet my dad, everything will fall into place.” – Sophie

Mamma Mia Movie Quotes

Mamma Mia Movie Quotes
  1. “You give that woman hell when you get home.” – Rosie
  2. “The last time I saw your mother, she said she never wanted to see me again.” – Sam
  3. “Donna must be tearing her hair out doing this wedding on her own. What would the father of the bride normally do?” – Harry
  4. “I want the perfect wedding, and I want my father to give me away.” – Sophie
  5. “I better be dreaming, you better not be here.” – Donna
  6. “There’s no plan, God knows there’s no plan. It looks great, though.” – Donna
  7. “Don’t think about it. Come on. Let’s go have fun.” – Donna
  8. “I’m just whining, you know me. I don’t need to be taken care of.” – Donna
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  9. “If you had your way, it’d be a three-minute wedding in jeans and T-shirts, washed down with a bottle of beer.” – Sophie
  10. “You’d think with all this new technology, they would figure out a machine that would make the beds.” – Donna
  11. “I’m so glad you’re here because. I have a secret, and I can’t tell anybody else.” – Sophie
  12. “When you fall, you fall. And when you’ve been defeated by love, you’re utterly defeated.” – Harry
  13. “Look at you! God! Stop growing! You sound like you’re having fun already.” – Donna
  14. “And don’t get all self-righteous with me, because you have no one but yourself to blame.” – Donna
  15. “It’s not easy being a mother. If it was, fathers would do it.” – Donna
  16. “I don’t know how to sing about love if I’m not feeling it.” – Donna
  17. “I don’t know what my future holds, but the world is wide and I want to make some memories.” – Donna
  18. “You know, your books are a godsend on dull business trips.” – Harry
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  19. “When you know, you know.” – Harry
  20. “For her, now that her book is a bestseller, and she’s got the whole world stuffing, it’s time to find Mr. Right!” – Tanya
  21. “They’re supposed to ward off unwanted visitors.” – Donna
  22. “I see you kept my bagpipes.” – Sam

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If you had your way, it’d be a three-minute wedding in jeans and T-shirts, washed down with a bottle of beer. Read More

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I’ve heard all this from my mother, and I think she knows me better than you do. Read More

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You have the courage of a lion, the passion of a panther, and the wisdom of a flamingo. Read More

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