44 Best Lil Peep Quotes About Music, Life, and Love

Lil Peep is a hip-hop artist who was inspired by musical artists such as David Bowie and Fall Out Boy. Lil Peep started releasing music on SoundCloud in 2014 and quickly became popular.

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40 Best Lil Peep Quotes

  1. “I am a very emotional person but I wish I was a little less emotional.” – Lil Peep
  2. “I can’t be normal. I’m probably bipolar.” – Lil Peep
  3. “What you call a sin, I call a part of my day.” – Lil Peep
  4. “Love me like I’m dead.” – Lil Peep
  5. “Ash is our purest form.” – Lil Peep
  6. “If I die, don’t cry. Look up at the sky and say goodbye.” – Lil Peep
  7. “I always knew I was going to be an artist. I was very confident in that. ” – Lil Peep
  8. “If I find a way, will you walk it with me? ” – Lil Peep
  9. “It gets cold at night when you’re alone outside, but it’s fine; I’ll be fine. Pay me no mind, girl, pay me no mind. ” – Lil Peep
  10. “I wrote a letter for you, but you didn’t write back. ” – Lil Peep
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  11. “You know I love you by the way I kiss you. ” – Lil Peep
  12. “I wanna take my life just to give it to you. I wanna make things right, girl; I do it for you. ” – Lil Peep

Famous Lil Peep Quotes

  1. “Hold on, baby, could you wait here? Promise I’ll be right back. ” – Lil Peep
  2. “I have a weird definition of family; it’s not the same as everyone else’s. ” – Lil Peep
  3. “One of my favorite hip-hop artists is Makonnen. One of my favorite bands is Fall Out Boy. You put those two together, and that’s Lil Peep. ” – Lil Peep
  4. “For me, if I saw my favorite artist in the store, I would probably just tell them three words and walk away. ” – Lil Peep
  5. “If you like how people look when they’re all covered in tattoos, then you should be covered in tattoos. ” – Lil Peep
  6. “I never dress the same way for a week – I’ll dress like a whole other person the next week. ” – Lil Peep
  7. “I always got good grades; I just didn’t go to school much. I didn’t like it. ” – Lil Peep
  8. “The future is gonna be remembered forever. Future just has so much quality music. ” – Lil Peep
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  9. “Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around. ” – Lil Peep
  10. “This music’s the only thing keeping the peace when I’m falling to pieces. ” – Lil Peep
  11. “Don’t you turn your back on me? Let your tear drops fall on me. Speeding away, the city in the rearview; Heart racing whenever I’m near you. Goth Boijumpin’ on stage. Carry me away, carry me away. ” – Lil Peep

Lil Peep Quotes For Instagram

  1. “It’s either love or hate with me. People really can hate me. ” – Lil Peep
  2. “My first year making music was very experimental. I was trying to find my sound. My second year, I was more in my element. I knew what type of production I wanted to go over and the topics I wanted to address. ” – Lil Peep
  3. “I grew up listening to a lot of emo music, a lot of rock music, a lot of rap music, a lot of trap music, funk, everything. ” – Lil Peep
  4. “My mom has been calling me Peep my whole life. That’s how I got the name. ” – Lil Peep
  5. “I like meeting people on a genuine level. Like, ‘OK, – Lil Peep
  6. “Tell the rich kids to look at me now. “I always make music an art; it’s never been a product for me. ” – Lil Peep
  7. “If you’re not a fun enough character, then no one’s gonna fuc* with you because you don’t have enough shi* that’s different. ” – Lil Peep
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  8. “I did this all by myself. Matter of fact, I ain’t ever asked no one for help. And that’s why I don’t pick up my phone when it rings. ” – Lil Peep

Lil Peep Quotes About Love

  1. “I just wanna lay my head on your chest, so I’m as close as it gets to your heart. ” – Lil Peep
  2. “I know that I’m not that important to you, but to me, girl, you’re so much more than gorgeous. ” – Lil Peep
  3. “I wish I didn’t have the heart to love you. “Loving you is like a fairytale. ” – Lil Peep
  4. “I wish I was a little less passionate. I’m a very passionate person. ” – Lil Peep
  5. “Once I found out that people were really making careers for themselves off the internet, independently, I was really inspired. ” – Lil Peep
  6. “Everything changes with time; you can’t predict where you’re gonna be next year; you have no idea, you know what I mean? ” – Lil Peep
  7. “Please don’t love me, don’t get close. I can’t show you this side of me. I’mburnin’ up; I’m next to death.” – Lil Peep

Quotes By Lil Peep

  1. “I will scream your name with my last breath. ” – Lil Peep
  2. “When I die, you’ll love me. ” – Lil Peep
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  3. “Hold me, I can’t breathe. I don’t wanna die; I don’t wanna OD. ” – Lil Peep
  4. “Everybody tellin’ me, life’s short, but I wanna die. ” – Lil Peep
  5. “Burn me down ’til I’mnothin’ but memories. ” – Lil Peep
  6. “There comes a time everybody meets the same fate. I think I’ma die-alone inside my room. ” – Lil Peep

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