42 Kodak Black Quotes About Life, Loyalty And Friends

Kodak Black is a popular American rapper who has released many songs. He gained early recognition with his single “No Flockin”, which was released in 2014. His debut album, Painting Pictures, peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard 200.

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Best Kodak Black Quotes

Best Kodak Black Quotes
  1. “I done sewed up the game I went to pushing the weight.” – Kodak Black
  2. “I been tryna be more serene, ayy I been tryna be more serene.” – Kodak Black
  3. “I just want the cash cause everything else coming.” – Kodak Black
  4. “To create my future, I had to revisit my past, revisit my pain.” – Kodak Black
  5. “I been tryna be cool, get me a few, then I’ma go back to school.” – Kodak Black
  6. “You been so far gone you let the streets get you.” – Kodak Black
  7. “Man I remember all them bitches cracking on me. But I got right now all them bitches grabbing on me.” – Kodak Black
  8. “I just always be myself no matter who I’m around.” – Kodak Black
  9. “Thing end, people leave, but life goes on.” – Kodak Black
  10. “Royalty can’t buy loyalty.” – Kodak Black
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  11. “I’m behind in every goal you wanna reach.” – Kodak Black
  12. “Friends are overrated, hard to find, quick to change.” – Kodak Black

Kodak Black Quotes About Life

Kodak Black Quotes About Life
  1. “You gotta go against all odds, you know? Boss your life up.” – Kodak Black
  2. “I was livin’ in the dark, but I’m just blessed to see the light. You know I hit them with that poker, but I’m special with the mic.” – Kodak Black
  3. “The struggle isn’t getting out of the hood it’s getting the Hood out of you.” – Kodak Black
  4. “I put my heart in my lyrics. I gave it all I could give.” – Kodak Black
  5. “Control your thoughts and protect your anger. Truly.” – Kodak Black
  6. “I just wanna live a blessed life. Whatever comes with it, you know? And whoever’s supporting me, I appreciate it.” – Kodak Black
  7. “Learn how to live instead of just waiting to die.” – Kodak Black
  8. “Keep the feast, but get rid of the old yeast.” – Kodak Black
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  10. “Dealing With Someone That’s Seeking Acceptance Is Dangerous Cause They Not Only Seeking It From You They Seeking Acceptance Wherever They Can Get It From, Even The Opposition.” – Kodak Black

Kodak Black Quotes About Hustle

Kodak Black Quotes About Hustle
  1. “They Hate What They Can’t Understand.” – Kodak Black
  2. “I just always be myself no matter who I’m around.” – Kodak Black
  3. “That loyalty more valuable than gold.” – Kodak Black
  4. “We Are Here With A Purpose To Love And B Loved , To Give And Receive .. To Choose Joy Even Among The Errands , Tasks And Caregiving.” – Kodak Black
  5. “Everytime I get a good girl I just push her away. I go to falling in too deep then I be running away.” – Kodak Black
  6. “Even though you lied on me, that’s cool, as long as you know the truth.” – Kodak Black
  7. “I got a past, I know it’s bad and it can’t be erased.” – Kodak Black
  8. “Sometimes We Come Up Short and It’s Ok My Dude.” – Kodak Black
  9. “Lord Restore My Heart. Take What’s Broken And. Make Whole Again.” – Kodak Black
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  10. “Love Is An ACTION Word. Loyalty Is Negotiable.” – Kodak Black
  11. “Always Took Responsibility In My Faults. Unforgiveness Keeps Them In Control.” – Kodak Black
  12. “Lock Me Up But They Cant Lock Me Down.” – Kodak Black

Kodak Black Quotes for Instagram

Kodak Black Quotes for Instagram
  1. “People just see the shine. They don’t see the grind, the bags under my eyes. It was a lot of grinding, setbacks… I ain’t finna let nothing stop me. Wherever I stop at, I already know who I am.” – Kodak Black
  2. “I stayed down long enough, and then I came right up.” – Kodak Black
  3. “I put my heart in my lyrics. I gave it all I could give.” – Kodak Black
  4. “I just want the money cause I heard the money bring you power.” – Kodak Black
  5. “Everybody wanna shine. Nobody wanna grind.” – Kodak Black
  6. “I don’t wanna be alone for a day. I rather be alone with you.” – Kodak Black
  7. “You know, we don’t represent, we don’t re-present. We present it once and that’s what it is, that’s how you step.” – Kodak Black
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  8. “I been tryna keep everything goin’ steady. I just wanna be free, I wanna be level-headed.” – Kodak Black
  9. “I was riding with the fire had to put it away. Them crackers back on my ass they wanna put me away.” – Kodak Black

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