68 Inspirational Intention Quotes To Start The Day

Intention literally means the desire in your heart to take an action, To achieve your life goals. It’s important to take risks, love unconditionally, and remember your goals. These inspirational Intention quotes will encourage you to be more enthusiastic about starting your day.

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Inspirational Intention Quotes

  1. “Face the truth about what is standing in the way of your intention.” – Shandel Slaten.
  2. “You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.” – Wayne W. Dyer.
  3. “With persistent endeavor, you can fulfill your dreams.” – Lailah Gifty Akita.
  4. “I don’t have any control over what actually happens except for that I have full control over my will for myself, my intention, and why I’m there.” –
  5. “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.” –
  6. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde
  7. “Until you live every moment without assuming there will be another moment, then you’re not really living on purpose.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes.
  8. “Don’t ascribe to evil what can be attributed to well-intentioned stupidity.” – James A. Owen, ‘The Shadow Dragons’.
  9. “Intentions are nice, but ultimately intentions don’t really matter because they only exist inside you.” – Kelly Williams Brown
  10. “Life is short only if you are not living your purpose.” – Hodge
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  11. “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca.
  12. “The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” – John Burroughs.
  13. “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” – Mencken.
  14. “Bad words don’t exist, but words with bad intentions behind.” – Roberto Fontanarrosa.
  15. “If I commit an error, I do it without bad intention.” – Stand Watie.
  16. “Intentions aside, we’re all capable of hurting people.” – Melanie A. Smith
  17. “Intentions were not always kind nor just.” – Emily A. Duncan
  18. “Hell is paved with good intentions.” – Samuel Johnson.

Good Intention Quotes

  1. “Sometimes, good intentions do more damage than all the wicked plots in all the world.” – Seanan McGuire
  2. “The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.” – Philip Roth.
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  3. “Words suggest like’s intentions. Actions demonstrate love’s conviction.” – Hodge.
  4. “The kind hand may conceal many intentions.” – Steven Redhead
  5. “The Maker knows the motives of men’s hearts.” – Lailah Gifty Akita.
  6. “He’s so busy looking inside people to find the good that he misses the knife they’re holding in their hand.” – Alexandra Bracken
  7. “Do not imagine that the good you intend will balance the evil you perform.” – Norman Mac Donald.
  8. “Crimes are not to be measured by the issue of events, but by the bad intentions of men.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero.
  9. “Intention is very important in sound, in listening. When I married my wife, I promised her I would listen to her every day as if for the first time. Now that’s something I fall short of on a daily basis.” – Julian Treasure
  10. “The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” – John Burroughs
  11. “There are many ways to push for much-needed reforms: One way is to make a donation. It doesn’t matter much whether you contribute publicly or in a private way – either way is good. What matters is your true intention.” – Lee Min-ho
  12. “Honor thy error as a hidden intention.” – Brian Eno
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  13. “The truth doesn’t lie. It’s up in your face. It’s in your conscience. It challenges your very being with the intention of cleaning you of sin and its influence.” – Monica Johnson

Positive Intention Quotes

  1. “As any of us approaches middle age, we inevitably come up against our limitations: the realization that certain dearly-held fantasies may not be realized; that circumstances have thwarted us; that even with intention and will we may not be able to set our ship back on the course we’d planned.” – Claire Messud
  2. “Letters are something from you. It’s a different kind of intention than writing an e-mail.” – Keanu Reeves
  3. “Critique, feedback, reaction to one’s work or the way they have presented it, regardless of intention, is a gift.” – Mark Brand
  4. “Our intentions may be very good, but, because the intelligence is limited, the action may turn out to be a mistake – a mistake, but not necessarily a sin, for sin comes out of a wrong intention.” – Stanley Jones
  5. “Technology is only an enabler, which can help achieve the intention of the person who is using it.” – Jane Chen
  6. “My intention was to create something that people loved to look at and they could find inspiration from, and that was it.” – Chiara Ferragni
  7. “As long as your intention is pure, and you know what you’re in it for, then you’re alright. And I’m in it because I enjoy it. I take it seriously… real seriously. I mean I could sit and talk all day about the music.” – Trey Anastasio
  8. “Make-believe colors the past with innocent distortion, and it swirls ahead of us in a thousand ways in science, in politics, in every bold intention.” – Shirley Temple
  9. “Let us not become so intense in our zeal to do good by winning arguments or by our pure intention in disputing doctrine that we go beyond good sense and manners, thereby promoting contention, or say and do imprudent things, invoke cynicism, or ridicule with flippancy.” – James E. Faust
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  10. “In centering prayer, the sacred word is not the object of the attention but rather the expression of the intention of the will.” – Thomas Keating
  11. “This is how to avoid re-creating painful situations: Take the time to discover your real intention before you act. If it is to change someone or the world so that you will feel safe or better about yourself, don’t act on it, because it is an intention of fear and can create only painful consequences.” – Gary Zukav
  12. “I have no intention of making small bets.” – Masayoshi Son

Quotes About Intention

  1. “I will say that a lot of art, some of the best art, has very powerful and meaningful messages behind it, and the more you read the stuff on the walls, the more you learn the artist’s intention, and you have a totally new point of view of what it’s about.” – Abbi Jacobson
  2. “Sometimes, some things have to settle, and you have to think about the intention of it.” – Edgar Wright
  3. “I’m very sensitive to the English language. I studied the dictionary obsessively when I was a kid and collect old dictionaries. Words, I think, are very powerful and they convey an intention.” – Drew Barrymore
  4. “The intention and outcome of vulnerability is trust, intimacy and connection. The outcome of oversharing is distrust, disconnection – and usually a little judgment.” – Brene Brown
  5. “If the myth of pure evil is that evil is committed with the intention of causing harm and an absence of moral considerations, then it applies to very few acts of so-called ‘pure evil’ because most evildoers believe what they are doing is forgivable or justifiable.” – Steven Pinker
  6. “There’s no way to become great overnight, but in the marathon of success, it takes a lot of intention to see you through each day of the journey.” – Lewis Howes
  7. “What is important is to have a positive intent right from the start, and positive intent doesn’t always mean looking for the big shots. Positive intention when it comes to defending a ball or looking for a single.” – MS Dhoni
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  8. “I don’t have any control over what actually happens except for that I have full control over my will for myself, my intention, and why I’m there. That’s all that matters.” – SZA
  9. “Time heals everything. Time corrects everything. Time is the solution to every problem, I believe. A lot of things can happen with time. All that has to be there is the intention.” – Mehcad Brooks
  10. “I truly believe the intention of creating positive change is so important to the collective consciousness. When you have a group of people that have the intention and the capacity, talent, and intelligence to actualize those intentions, then you have something really powerful.” – Jimmy Chin
  11. “I’m a big fan of intention. That’s because I have learned first-hand the power of setting my intention on my goal and making all decisions based off of that intention.” – Lewis Howes
  12. “We either live with intention or exist by default.” – Kristin Armstrong
  13. “I think people generally have a good heart and the intention to help.” – Vincent Kompany
  14. “It is not good enough for things to be planned – they still have to be done; for the intention to become a reality, energy has to be launched into operation.” – Walt Kelly
  15. “Are you motivated? Are you coherent? Is your intention aligned? Are your feet, tongue, heart and wallet congruent? That intention shines through.” – Peter Guber
  16. “A purpose, an intention, a design, strikes everywhere even the careless, the most stupid thinker.” – David Hume
  17. “When you know your intention, you are in a position to choose the consequences that you will create for yourself. When you choose an intention that creates consequences for which you are willing to be responsible, that is a responsible choice.” – Gary Zukav
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  18. “My intention was always to share my experience and my gifts on the largest stage possible.” – Jonathan Majors
  19. “The world is awaiting your gift – all you have to do is show up with the right intention!” – Lewis Howes
  20. “We all have to be dishes on a plate eventually, with the way we are marketed, but I have no intention of being a cheap Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet.” – Mika
  21. “It is my intention to present – through the medium of photography – intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators.” – Ansel Adams
  22. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” – Eric Thomas
  23. “All that counts in life is intention.” – Andrea Bocelli.
  24. “There is nothing in this world that never takes a step outside a person’s heart.” – Haruki Murakami,
  25. “A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.” – William Blake

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