44 Iconic Ghostface Quotes From Scream

Ghostface is the main villain of the Scream series, Ghostface often calls his victims on the phone, taunts or threatens them before stabbing them to death with an eight-inch hunting knife. He occasionally asks trivia about his victims’ horror films.

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40 Best Ghostface Quotes

  1. “You Hang Up On Me Again, I’ll Gut You Like A Fish.” – Ghostface
  2. “She looked dead, man. Still does.” – Stuart
  3. “I never thought I’d be so happy to be a virgin.” – Randy
  4. “My name isn’t Jesus.” – Kenny
  5. “You’re not scared, are ya?” – Dewey
  6. “I wouldn’t dream of breaking your underwear rule.” – Billy
  7. “Why can’t I be in a Meg Ryan movie? Or even a good porno.” – Sidney
  8. “Who am I, the beer wench?” – Tatum
  9. “What did mama tell you? When I wear this badge, you treat me like a man of the law!” – Dewey
  10. “We all go a little mad sometimes.” – Billy
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  11. “You should never say ‘who’s there?’ Don’t you watch scary movies? It’s a death wish. You might as well come out here to investigate a strange noise or something.” – Ghostface
  12. “You’re making popcorn?”- Ghostface
  13. “Do you like scary movies?”- Ghostface
  14. “You never told me your name…[why do you need to know my name?] Because I want to know who I’m looking at.” – Ghostface
  15. “[What do you want?] To see what your insides look like.” – Ghostface

Funny Ghostface Quotes

  1. “You sick f**ks. You’ve seen one too many movies!” – Sidney
  2. “What’s the point? They’re all the same. Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act who is always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door.” – Sidney
  3. “That is so sexist. The killer could easily be female. Basic Instinct.” – Tatum
  4. “Now Sid, don’t you blame the movies. Movies don’t create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative!” – Billy
  5. “If you were the only suspect in a senseless bloodbath – would you be standing in the horror section?” – Randy
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  6. “What’s the matter Sidney? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” – Billy
  7. “As if. That’s all I’m saying… as if.” – Stuart
  8. “If I’m right about this, I could save a man’s life. Do you know what that would do for my book sales?” – Gale
  9. “I’m sorry Deputy Dewey-boy, but we’re ready to go. Now! Okay?” – Tatum
  10. “People treat me like I’m the anti-Christ of television journalism.” – Gale
  11. “There are certain rules someone must abide by to survive a scary movie.” – Randy
  12. “The police are always off track with this s**t! If they’d watch Prom Night, they’d save time! There’s a formula to it. A very simple formula!” – Randy
  13. “Don’t go there, Sid. You’re starting to sound like some Wes Carpenter flick or something. Don’t freak yourself out, okay? We’ve got a long night ahead of us.” – Tatum
  14. “Everybody’s a suspect!” – Randy
  15. “Janitors are your superior.” – Tatum
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  16. “I’ll send you a copy. BAM! B**ch went down. I’ll send you a copy. BAM! Sid! Superb**ch!” – Tatum
  17. “Look, Kenny, I know you’re about fifty pounds overweight, but when I say hurry, please interpret that as, move your fat tub of lard a** now!” – Gale
  18. “Jamie Lee was always a virgin in horror movies. She didn’t show her t**s ’til she went legits.” – Randy

Iconic Ghostface Quotes

  1. “Looks like you fingered the wrong guy, again.” – Stuart
  2. “Stupidity leak!” – Tatum
  3. “Guess I remembered the safety that time, b**tard.” – Gale
  4. “It’s called subtlety, Stu. You should look it up.” – Billy
  5. “Was that before or after he sliced and diced?!” – Randy
  6. “No, please don’t [off] me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!” – Tatum
  7. “If you hang up on me you’ll die just like your mother! Do you wanna die Sidney? Your mother sure didn’t.” – Ghostface
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  8. “See, you push the laws and you end up [gone]. Okay, I’ll see you in the kitchen with a knife.” – Randy
  9. “It’s the millennium. Motives are incidental.” – Randy
  10. “Corn syrup. Same stuff they used for pig’s blood in Carrie.” – Billy
  11. “We’ve already played that game. Remember? You lost.” – Billy

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