50 Best Friday Quotes for A Great Day

Friday is the most loved day by many, Friday is one of the best days because it is the last day of the work week for most people. If you’re a Friday lover, you’ll probably like our collection of Friday Quotes.

If you are looking for Best Friday Quotes, then browse through our collection of Best Friday Quotes that we have collected from many sources on the internet.

Best Friday Quotes

  1. “It’s always difficult to keep Fridays confined within themselves… they tend to spill over…”- Parag Tipnis
  2. “Youth is like a long weekend on Friday night. Middle age is like a long weekend on Monday afternoon.” – Richard Nelson Bolles
  3. “On a Friday night, I like to go out because my friends, who have been working normal hours, just want to let go after a stressful week at work.” – Douglas Booth
  4. “Oh! It’s Friday again. Share the love that was missing during the week. In a worthy moment of peace and bliss.” – O’Sade
  5. “Fridays are the hardest in some ways: you’re so close to freedom.” – Lauren Oliver
  6. “Cozy+smell of pancakes-alarm clock=weekend“ – Amy Krouse Rosentha
  7. “Friday. The golden child of the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend.” – Unknown
  8. “If my boss knew how unproductive I am on Fridays, he wouldn’t want me here either.”- James Johnson
  9. “I’ve taught fifth-year Christmas leavers last thing on a Friday afternoon. Basically, if you can face that you can face anything.” – Johann Lamont
  10. “When you leave work on Friday, leave work. Don’t let technology follow you throughout your weekend (answering text messages and emails) take a break you will be more refreshed to begin the workweek if you have had a break.” – Catherine Pulsifer
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  11. “When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn’t matter whether it is Monday or Friday; you would be so excited to wake up each morning to work on your passions.” – Edmond Mbiakading

Short Friday Quotes

  1. “If you see me on Friday, you’ll see different material on Saturday night.” – Kathy Griffin
  2. “No one is perfect – that’s why pencils have erasers.” – Wolfgang Riebe
  3. “Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.” – Matt Cameron
  4. “Positivity always wins…Always.” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  5. “How high you fly is derived from how big you think.” – Robin Sharma
  6. “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams
  7. “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama
  8. “People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness.” – Raimonda B
  9. “It’s finally Friday, I’m free again. I got my motor running for a wild weekend.” – George Jones
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  10. “People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness.” – B
  11. “There’s just one legitimate synonym for Friday: Boom Shakalaka.” – Unknown
  12. “Life is good especially on a Friday.” – Unknown

Happy Friday Quotes

  1. “Make a Friday a day to celebrate work well done that you can be proud of knowing that you just didn’t put in time to the next paycheck.” – Byron Pulsifer
  2. “Did you just say Friday?” – Unknown
  3. “It’s Friday and I’m thirsty.” – Unknown
  4. “It’s Friday morning mankind! Good vibe, don’t frown and let the monster see you smile!” – Napz Cherub Pellazo
  5. “If Friday had a face, I would kiss it.” – Unknown
  6. “Don’t wait all week for Friday so you can enjoy life. Find a job you love so you can enjoy every day of the week.” – Catherine Pulsifer
  7. “Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” – John Shirley
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  8. “Dear Friday, I am ready for all of the adventures that the weekend promises.” – Unknown
  9. “I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too. Thursday I don’t care about you. It’s Friday I’m in love with.”- Unknown

Friday Quotes For Instagram

  1. “Friday’s a free day. A woman’s day.” – Neil Gaiman
  2. “Making food is a wonderful way to spend a Friday night.” – Chrissy Teigen
  3. “Weekends welcome warriors for social fun that starts on Friday.” – David Chiles
  4. “I know every day is a gift but where are the receipts for Mondays? I want to return it for another Friday.” –Unknown
  5. “Friday called. She’s on her way and she’s bringing the wine.” – Unknown
  6. “Who cares about Thursday’s happy hour when Friday is upon us?” – Unknown
  7. “That which has been promised comes to those who look forward to Friday. These are the achievements made possible through perseverance and focus.” – Byron Pulsifer
  8. “You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Stephen King
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  9. “Let Friday show you where the smiles are in life.” – Anthony T. Hincks
  10. “Associate with people who are likely to improve you.” – Seneca
  11. “Every Friday, I like to high five myself for getting through another week on little more than caffeine, will power, and inappropriate humor.” – Nanea Hoffman

Positive Friday Quotes

  1. “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin
  2. “You know what I want to do? Wake up one weekend and not have to go anywhere and do nothing.” – Derek Jeter
  3. “I haven’t been so excited about Friday since last Friday.” – Unknown
  4. “Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” —Muhammad Ali
  5. “I believe that it is a mandatory Law of the Universe that on Fridays, you have to do something a little fun.” – Hanna Rhoades
  6. “There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” – Epictetus
  7. “Why is Monday so far away from Friday and Friday so bloody close to Monday?” – Unknown
  8. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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