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Eric D. Thomas is an American motivational speaker, author, consultant, and pastor. Eric Thomas’s motivational quotes and speeches are very popular on YouTube. He is also a professional footballer who played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, and New York Jets.

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Best Eric Thomas Quotes

  1. “I don’t care if you broke, you grew up broke… you grew up rich. You only get 24 hours!” – Eric Thomas
  2. “”Stop looking for permission to pursue your dreams! They are your dreams and you don’t need a co-signer to chase them!” – Eric Thomas
  3. “I use pain to push me to greatness.” – Eric Thomas
  4. “When you got something good, you get every single thing you can get out of it!” – Eric Thomas
  5. “At some point in life you have to face your fears.” – Eric Thomas
  6. “When your effort is low, you’re probably not thinking about the opportunity, you’re thinking about the obligation.” – Eric Thomas
  7. “I am not suggesting that emotions don’t have their place, but taking actions based purely on emotions is dangerous and could cost you everything.” – Eric Thomas
  8. “When the need to succeed” – Eric Thomas
  9. “Be stronger than your excuses.” – Eric Thomas
  10. “Character is like my fingerprint; it identifies me from everyone else in the world. It says who I am and where I am headed.” – Eric Thomas
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  11. “Remember, a negative multiplied by a negative is only positive in maths, not in the real world” – Eric Thomas
  12. “I’ve got a dream that’s worth more than my sleep.” – Eric Thomas
  13. “To be successful is never convenient. The things you have to go through, it’s never convenient.” – Eric Thomas
  14. “Stop whining. You’re not a victim. You’re a victor.” – Eric Thomas
  15. “Look in the mirror, that’s your competition.” – Eric Thomas
  16. “I learned that a real friendship is not about what you can get, but what you can give.” – Eric Thomas
  17. “When you find your way, you find a way to make it happen.” – Eric Thomas
  18. “A setback is a setup for a comeback.” – Eric Thomas
  19. “No alarm clock needed, my passion wakes me.” – Eric Thomas
  20. “Trust the process.” – Eric Thomas
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  21. “No matter how hard the battle gets or no matter how many people Don’t believe in your dream, Never give up!” – Eric Thomas
  22. “Every principle has a promise.” – Eric Thomas

Motivational Quotes Eric Thomas

  1. “I’ve gotta breathe it, I’ve gotta eat it, I’ve gotta sleep it and until you get there you will never be successful in life. But once you get there I guarantee you, the world is yours. ” – Eric Thomas
  2. “Let them sleep while you grind. Let them party while you work. The difference will show.” – Eric Thomas
  3. “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanence!” – Eric Thomas
  4. “Avoid being your own enemy.” – Eric Thomas
  5. “If you can look up, you can get up.” – Eric Thomas
  6. “Real friendship is about making sacrifices and investing in people to help them improve their lives.” – Eric Thomas
  7. “It’s not easy, but it’s simple.” – Eric Thomas
  8. “You will not experience all life has to offer you or begin to experience life at it’s fullest as long as you are satisfied with mediocrity.” – Eric Thomas
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  9. “Everybody has a dream, but not everybody has a grind.” – Eric Thomas
  10. “Don’t make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what’s actually good for you.” – Eric Thomas
  11. “You wanna shine like a diamond, you gotta get cut like a diamond.” – Eric Thomas
  12. “So work hard, and you can have whatever it is that you want.”” – Eric Thomas
  13. “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.” – Eric Thomas
  14. “Success is never on discount! Greatness is never on sale! Greatness is never half off! It’s all or nothing! It’s all day, every day! Greatness is never on discount!” – Eric Thomas
  15. “I do not take constructive criticism from people who have never constructed anything.” – Eric Thomas

Positive Eric Thomas Quotes

  1. “I dare you to take a little pain. I dare you!” – Eric Thomas
  2. “You might be smarter” – Eric Thomas
  3. “Done is better than perfect if perfect ain’t done.” – Eric Thomas
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  4. “You might be smarter, your family might come from privilege, your daddy might own a company, but you will not out work me!” – Eric Thomas
  5. “It’s about optimal movement. Decisive movement. The most effective movement.” – Eric Thomas
  6. “The only way to get out of mediocrity is to keep shooting for excellence.” – Eric Thomas
  7. “You saying you want to be great, but on the other hand you comfortable with average.” – Eric Thomas
  8. “If you’re going to go to your next level, your values are going to have to change.” – Eric Thomas
  9. “Don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going.” – Eric Thomas
  10. “You have to take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity.” – Eric Thomas
  11. “Stop sabotaging yourself.” – Eric Thomas
  12. “Apply the ABC’s of success to your life. Ask, Believe and Claim It.” – Eric Thomas
  13. “All men are created equal, some men work harder in pre-season.” – Eric Thomas
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  14. “If you are going to win the fight of your life, you can’t be afraid to fight.” – Eric Thomas
  15. “Sleep is the new broke. If you only have 24 hours in a day, your success is dependent upon how you spend the 24.” – Eric Thomas
  16. “Stop being average. You’re not even good. You were born to be great.” – Eric Thomas
  17. “Things change for the better when we take responsibility for our own thoughts, decisions and actions.” – Eric Thomas

Famous Eric Thomas Quotes

  1. “An eagle uses the storm to reach unimaginable heights.” – Eric Thomas
  2. “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” – Eric Thomas
  3. “The difference between average and good. Good and Great! Great and Phenomenal! It’s their mindset!” – Eric Thomas
  4. “Every trial you go through, every tribulation you go through, every setback you go through, God is redesigning you and putting more dimples on you baby, so you can go farther!” – Eric Thomas
  5. “I can. I will. I must.” – Eric Thomas
  6. “To get to that next level, you gotta learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.” – Eric Thomas
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  7. “I wanted to surround myself with the kind of people who could help me turn my life around; people whom I could rub up against like iron and be sharpened.” – Eric Thomas
  8. “Stop whining, start grinding.” – Eric Thomas
  9. “Don’t cry to quit! You already in pain, you already hurt! Get a reward from it!” – Eric Thomas
  10. “Make a commitment to your self that today, success is your only options! No matter the obstacles, no matter the sacrifice!” – Eric Thomas
  11. “You have decided you won’t be denied, you won’t be defeated!” – Eric Thomas
  12. “If you willing to put in that sweat! Blood! And tears! I’m telling you! You can have, be and do what you want!” – Eric Thomas
  13. “The difference between those who succeed and fail: not taking advantage of opportunities.” – Eric Thomas
  14. “Fall in love with the process and the results will come.” – Eric Thomas
  15. “Because the time you spend on your cell phone, could be used for your success. The time you could be using to be successful, you’re using on the cell! And the cell phone is not bringing you nothing but a bill!” – Eric Thomas
  16. “What you envision in your mind, how you see yourself, and how you envision the world around you is of great importance because those things become your focus.” – Eric Thomas
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  17. “Success, meaningful success, begins when we take ownership and actively take responsibility for our part in the shortcomings of our life.” – Eric Thomas
  18. “You know school ain’t my first love, but we gotta get in here and do it so that young people can know that for real it’s past possible, there’s absolutely nothing that we can’t accomplish.” – Eric Thomas
  19. “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” – Eric Thomas
  20. “I don’t ever want you to settle for another average day in your life again.” – Eric Thomas
  21. “You can’t live off potential for the rest of your life. So get up, get out and go get you some!” – Eric Thomas
  22. “Sometimes it ain’t about being the most talented. Sometimes it ain’t about being the smartest. Sometimes it’s not even about working the hardest. Sometimes it’s about consistency! Consistency!” – Eric Thomas
  23. “The next time you feel slightly uncomfortable with the pressure in your life, remember no pressure, no diamonds. Pressure is a part of success.” – Eric Thomas
  24. “God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles and a reward for your faithfulness. Don’t give up.” – Eric Thomas
  25. “The next time you feel slightly uncomfortable with the pressure in your life, remember no pressure, no diamonds. Pressure is a part of success.” – Eric Thomas
  26. “Some of you, your success has messed you up! You’ve lost your bite! You’re not hungry anymore!” – Eric Thomas
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  27. “People either inspire you to greatness or pull you down in the gutter, it’s that simple. No one fails alone, and no one succeeds alone.” – Eric Thomas
  28. “You can change environments, but until you change yourself, nothing else will ever change.” – Eric Thomas
  29. “You can’t cheat the grind, it knows hows much you’ve invested, it won’t give you nothing you haven’t worked for.” – Eric Thomas

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