55 Best Dr. Seuss Quotes to Add Whimsy to Your Day

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Dr. Seuss is known for his books to help children learn to read, Theodor Seuss Geisel has written more than 60 children’s books under the pen name “Dr. Seuss,”.

Dr. Seuss was born on March 2, 1904, and died in 1991, see Dr. Inspirational Quotes collection. Our following Seuss are sure to be liked by both children and adults.

If you are looking for Dr. Seuss Quotes, then browse through our collection of Dr. Seuss Quotes that we have collected from many sources on the internet.

Best Dr. Seuss Quotes

  1. “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss
  2. “Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.” – Dr. Seuss
  3. “If you’d never been born, then you might be an Isn’t! An Isn’t has no fun at all. No, he didn’t!” – Dr. Seuss
  4. “Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.” – Dr. Seuss
  5. “Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” – Dr. Seuss
  6. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss
  7. “Only you can control your future.” – Dr. Seuss
  8. “It is better to know how to learn than to know.” – Dr. Seuss
  9. “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” – Dr. Seuss
  10. “I’m glad we had the times together just to laugh and sing a song, seems like we just got started and then before you know it, the times we had together were gone.” – Dr. Seuss
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  11. “ASAP. Whatever that means. It must mean, ‘Act swiftly awesome pacyderm!” – Dr. Seuss

Short Dr. Seuss Quotes

  1. “Think and wonder. Wonder and think.” – Dr. Seuss
  2. “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss
  3. Things may happen and often do to people as brainy and footsy as you.” – Dr. Seuss
  4. “Congratulations! Today is your day!” – Dr. Seuss
  5. “Poor empty pants with nobody inside them.” – Dr. Seuss
  6. “Being crazy isn’t enough.” – Dr. Seuss
  7. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” – Dr. Seuss
  8. “Kid, you’ll move mountains.” – Dr. Seuss
  9. “I don’t care how you go. Just get.” – Dr. Seuss
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  10. “It’s opener there in the wide open air.” – Dr. Seuss
  11. “You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” – Dr. Seuss

Inspirational Quotes Dr. Seuss

  1. “When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let is destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.”- Dr. Seuss
  2. “If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss
  3. “I meant what I said and I said what I meant.” – Dr. Seuss
  4. “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.” – Dr. Seuss
  5. “Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than to remember me and cry.” – Dr. Seuss
  6. “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’ve ever imagined.” – Dr. Seuss
  7. “For a host, above all, must be kind to his guests.” – Dr. Seuss
  8. “Hollywood is not suited for me, and I am not suited for it.” – Dr. Seuss
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  9. “My trouble was I had a mind but I couldn’t make it up!” – Dr. Seuss
  10. “Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And never mix up your right foot with your left.” – Dr. Seuss
  11. “From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” – Dr. Seuss
  12. “Take every chance, drop every fear.”- Dr. Seuss
  13. “It’s not about what it is. It’s about what it can become.” – Dr. Seuss

Positive Dr. Seuss Quotes

  1. “There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.” – Dr. Seuss
  2. “It all began with a shoe on the wall. A shoe on the wall shouldn’t be there at all.” – Dr. Seuss
  3. “Just tell yourself, Duckie, you’re really quite lucky.” – Dr. Seuss
  4. “So, open your mouth, lad! For every voice counts!” – Dr. Seuss
  5. “You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.” – Dr. Seuss
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  6. “I sort of got thinking-it’s sort of a shame that scrambled eggs always taste always the same.” – Dr. Seuss
  7. “You ll be sort of surprised what there is to be found once you go beyond Z and start poking around ” – Dr. Seuss
  8. “And the turtles, of course…all the turtles are free, as turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be.” – Dr. Seuss
  9. “‘Tut tut!’ said the doctor. ‘Such talk! How absurd! Your tail is just right for your kind of bird.’” – Dr. Seuss
  10. “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” – Dr. Seuss
  11. “When he worked, he really worked. But when he played, he really played.” – Dr. Seuss

Famous Dr. Seuss Quotes

  1. “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.” – Dr. Seuss
  2. “How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss
  3. “Why are they sad and glad and bad? I do not know, go ask your dad.” – Dr. Seuss
  4. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss
  5. “So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life is a great balancing act.” – Dr. Seuss
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  6. “If things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew, just go right along and you’ll start happening too.” – Dr. Seuss
  7. “He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” – Dr. Seuss
  8. “All alone! Whether you like it or not, alone is something you’ll be quite a lot.” – Dr. Seuss
  9. “Nothing is going to change, unless someone does something soon.” – Dr. Seuss

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