87 Best Cutting Quotes Of All Time

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87 Best Cutting Quotes

  1. “I hope you never feel so low in your life to the point that you feel like ending everything.” – Unknown
  2. “She cut herself because she wanted to feel enough pain to know that she was still alive.” – Unknown
  3. “Have you ever felt like you have to make a mark on your wrist at least to be happy?” – Unknown
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  5. “You cut yourself not for attention but to satisfy yourself for being in control for once.” – Unknown
  6. “You would never understand what I am going through until you are in my shoes.” – Unknown
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  8. “Pain and suffering always come in pairs, and I do not know if I will ever live through them.” – Unknown
  9. “The day I first cut myself, it felt so good, so I did it again, every single day.” – Unknown
  10. “There is hurt, yes, but the feeling of being satisfied overweighs all the pain that I feel.” – Unknown
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  11. “Self-harm is not the answer; it does not fix the problem; it gives a temporary solution.” – Unknown
  12. “For other people, self-harm is normal, like it happens in everyday life, not an occasion.” – Unknown
  13. “At least I do not try and kill myself; I just want to feel some pain.” – Unknown
  14. “I think I cut because I am still hoping that someday someone will save me.” – Unknown
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  16. “Cutting is the only way I can try to pull out of the darkness in my life for quite some time.” – Unknown
  17. “Sometimes, I look at my scars and see a girl who tried to cope with all the horrible things.” – Unknown
  18. “My scars show all my suffering and pain, but they also show that I had the will to survive.” – Unknown
  19. “These scars are permanent, always there to remind me that I need to keep living.” – Unknown
  20. “When I cut, I can feel pain, and for some moment, it makes me forget anything else.” – Unknown
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20th Of Cutting Quotes

  1. “Cutting makes me feel alive; the blood dripping down my wrists lulls me to sleep.” – Unknown
  2. “Dear girl, put the razor down tomorrow, everything will be alright.” – Unknown
  3. “Everything in this life is a choice; it is your choice to live or die by tomorrow.” – Unknown
  4. “Sometimes, hurting yourself physically drives away all the emotional pain in your heart.” – Unknown
  5. “The moment my skin breaks and blood starts flowing satisfies me enough to make me smile.” – Unknown
  6. “She blinks back all her tears and reminds herself that she can just cut herself later.” – Unknown
  7. “The thing about cutters is that they feel that cutting is the only want they can control their body.” – Unknown
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  9. “Sometimes, the cuts feel like they are comforting me, telling me it will be alright.” – Unknown
  10. “Every plot has a twist, and hers is that no matter how pretty she is, she is still in pain.” – Unknown
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  11. “It was not a peaceful life, so I did not want to be gentle when I handheld the razor.” – Unknown
  12. “The razor was my paintbrush, and my wrist was the canvas in this story I am making.” – Unknown
  13. “I hope you get to live a peaceful life, one that does not make you want to hurt yourself.” – Unknown
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  15. “Never come back to being like this again; try your best to be happy and stay that way.” – Unknown
  16. “And even when you are all jagged and scarred, for me, you are still beautiful, and I love you.” – Unknown
  17. “Whenever you cut your wrist, I hope you realize that you should not because you are still loved.” – Unknown
  18. “I thought I was broken beyond repair, like no one was ever there, and so I cut myself.” – Unknown
  19. “I cut myself every chance I get because it is the only way I am ever going to be able to live.” – Unknown
  20. “I was in despair, and the only choice I thought I had was to cut myself.” – Unknown
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40th Of Cutting Quotes

  1. “Sometimes, you do not even know who you are, which is why you let yourself bleed.” – Unknown
  2. “My head is packed with screams, and the only way to make them entirely down is to cut myself.” – Unknown
  3. “I have made so many attempts to take my life, but cutting is the only one that has stayed.” – Unknown
  4. “When everyone that I knew left me, cutting was the only constant thing in my life.” – Unknown
  5. “To die without scars is to battle without ever lifting a sword.” – Unknown
  6. “You are fantastic, you are beautiful, and I do not see why you need to cut yourself.” – Unknown
  7. “You are worth more than a thousand suns, so please stop hurting yourself.” – Unknown
  8. “I know you have your reasons but are they enough to make yourself bleed in the first place?” – Unknown
  9. “You may think you want to die, but you do not; it is all just an illusion from the pain you feel.” – Unknown
  10. “Tomorrow will be a bright new day, and you will not feel the same way.” – Unknown
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  11. “Scars are so stubborn, they do not fade away, but at least they remind us that the now is better.” – Unknown
  12. “Keep yourself alive because it is far more critical than any other thing in this world.” – Unknown
  13. “Every cut you make on your wrist should be a reminder that you would like to live.” – Unknown
  14. “I did not want to cause anyone pain, so I cut myself only to inflict more pain unconsciously.” – Unknown
  15. “It hurt me inside, and I wanted to let it out, so I cut myself deep and long.” – Unknown
  16. “Things never go right in my life except when I put the razor in my hand.” – Unknown
  17. “So I passed my blade to you, hoping that you would understand, but you handed it back.” – Unknown
  18. “These scars remind me of every pain I went through of all the things I had survived.” – Unknown
  19. “When I look at the scars, I remind myself that at least I just cut; I did not do drugs.” – Unknown
  20. “I know just how sad and upset you are, but I wish that you face them head-on and never let them get the best out of you.” – Unknown
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60th  Of Cutting Quotes

  1. “Sometimes, the darkness swallows me whole; the other times, it envelopes me until I am gone.” – Unknown
  2. “I hope you find someone who will love you and show you that cutting is never the solution.” – Unknown
  3. “So that night, I did what I never thought I could; I cut my arm and bled for so long.” – Unknown
  4. “I want to hug you and tell you I am sorry for not being there when you needed me.” – Unknown
  5. “Forget about expectations; they are just things that make you sad.” – Unknown
  6. “I hope that you never get the need to cut yourself as I did, and I will try to make that happen.” – Unknown
  7. “Sometimes, you cut yourself for no reason at all, but just that it has become a habit.” – Unknown
  8. “The thing about bleeding is that only alive people have it, so cutting makes me feel that way.” – Unknown
  9. “She was bleeding, and I could not do anything to stop her. I did not even know what to say.” – Unknown
  10. “I wish I could tell him to stop cutting, that I will be his saviour, that I will be his light.” – Unknown
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  11. “I hope one day, I will put him out of the darkness that he is in and save him.” – Unknown
  12. “Cutting is but another physical outlet to make the pain inside of a person go away.” – Unknown
  13. “Sometimes, I let the pain take over me until it numbs my whole body.” – Unknown
  14. “Sometimes, the blade feels heavy in my hands, and when that time comes, I cry.” – Unknown
  15. “Crying can be a good substitute for cutting, and I hope you can try it.” – Unknown
  16. “Whenever you feel down and sad, do not forget that I am here, I will always be here.” – Unknown
  17. “Let me take that blade away from you; I will be your friend; let us forget all about your pain.” – Unknown
  18. “Sometimes, cutting makes you feel like you are doing the right thing and not the other way around.” – Unknown
  19. “There was these night when I could not sleep without letting the razor cut me up and bleed.” – Unknown
  20. “You have the power to make this stop; you are capable of stopping to cut.” – Unknown
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80th Of Cutting Quotes

  1. “You do not deserve the pain you are giving yourself; you do not deserve this.” – Unknown
  2. “You deserve better than this; you deserve to be happy, to be far away from self-harm.” – Unknown
  3. “I hope that things will always be okay with you.” – Unknown
  4. “Today, the sun shined, and I hope it reaches your dark cave and pulls you out.” – Unknown
  5. “I wanted to cut so bad; I wanted to feel something because I felt so numb inside.” – Unknown
  6. “I thought I could not do it the first time, so there was satisfaction in seeing some blood.” – Unknown
  7. “Maybe people cut so that others would know that they need some help; they need someone.” – Unknown

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