40 Best Angela Davis Quotes On Love And Leadership

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Angela Yvonne Davis is a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, she is also a political activist and writer. Angela has a long history of fighting for the rights of the marginalized and oppressed. she became a role model for black women against the tyranny of fascism, sexism, and racism.

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Best Angela Davis Quotes

  1. “If you want to understand how the world works, start with learning the difference between men and women.” – Angela Davis
  2. “The idea of freedom is great but what good does it do you if you are starving? What does your freedom actually mean at that point?’ – Angela Davis
  3. “People should always bring people up with them as they climb the ladder of success.” – Angela Davis
  4. “We live in a world where people expect you to forget the things that have happened in the past.” – Angela Davis
  5. “It’s a shock when someone asks about violence in this country. It’s a tell that the people asking aren’t familiar with what minorities have gone through at the hands of slave owners as well as other racist individuals.” – Angela Davis
  6. “Captivity keeps people from having to deal with the problems of the world. Racism and capitalism are big problems in the world that people in prison don’t have to face the way we do.” – Angela Davis
  7. “African American women have a keener sense of what’s going on in the world than any other nationality. They have to tolerate all races and genders as well as their own. When an African American woman is victorious, it’s a victory for everyone.” – Angela Davis
  8. “Racism and capitalism go hand and hand.” – Angela Davis
  9. “Any protest that seeks equality and justice must include these things for women or it will be a step backwards instead of a step in the right direction.” – Angela Davis
  10. “This country doesn’t need politicians in office.” – Angela Davis
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  11. “The problem we are dealing with is the growing amount of minorities being forced to work in certain situations as well as the growing number of people getting arrested.” – Angela Davis
  12. “Things have changed in the workforce over the years. There are more minorities getting more leadership positions than they were years ago.” – Angela Davis
  13. “The difference in politics today is there’s no connection between African Americans with money and poor African Americans.” – Angela Davis
  14. “There has been change over the years. There’s no more segregation in our society.” – Angela Davis
  15. “Some people may be able to hide their racism while some are out in the open with it. There may be change as far as racism is concerned, but racism still exists now more than ever before.” – Angela Davis
  16. “Racism is a way for rich people to make money by having black people work for less money.” – Angela Davis
  17. “Don’t get too comfortable with the way things are now. It’s important to keep striving for change. You can’t assume you can live your life the same way you have been without any change at all.” – Angela Davis

Famous Angela Davis Quotes

  1. “The death penalty would no longer exist if it weren’t for slavery. Slavery is another term for the death penalty.” – Angela Davis
  2. “According to polls, poor people as well as minorities are destined to be in prison instead of in college.” – Angela Davis
  3. “In a prejudiced world, it’s better to be anti-racist than non racist.” – Angela Davis
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  4. “When former President Obama was president, someone said, “one African American man as president doesn’t change the fact that other African American men are in prison.” – Angela Davis
  5. “Jails don’t take away the problems, they take away peoples’ spirits. The problems in society continue to exist even though the people are in jail. The problems are just hidden from the world as long as they are locked up.” – Angela Davis
  6. “It’s important to talk about important things instead of being out in the public saying nothing.” – Angela Davis
  7. “It’s important to remain optimistic regardless of the situation you are facing.” – Angela Davis
  8. “If we don’t continue to make strides in ending racism, it will never be abolished.” – Angela Davis
  9. “Prisons are ways to avoid dealing with problems in our society. It’s better for them to lock people up instead of dealing with the situation.” – Angela Davis
  10. “If people can’t find ways to talk about racism in our society, it will continue to increase.” – Angela Davis
  11. “It’s better not to rely on who’s in charge of the country to solve our problems. It’s better to rely on ourselves to get things done.” – Angela Davis
  12. “When you think about social injustice, it will be a waste of time if you don’t think about the people who are suffering the same struggles as you.” – Angela Davis
  13. “If African Americans were willing to accept being less than others, the mafia would have ended. Since African Americans didn’t want to give up their dreams, thousands of people died.” – Angela Davis
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  14. “If everyone’s lives mattered, we wouldn’t have to say black lives matter. All black lives matter regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and religion as well as other types of African American people. Once that is established, then we can honestly say all lives matter.” – Angela Davis

Inspirational Angela Davis Quotes

  1. “Men who don’t follow the rules are considered criminals while women who don’t follow the rules are considered crazy.” – Angela Davis
  2. “We don’t think about the food we eat and what has to be done to it in order for us to eat our meals.” – Angela Davis
  3. “You have to believe that you can change society. You have to do it all of the time and not just once in a while.” – Angela Davis
  4. “If they are after me, trust and believe that they will be after you too.” – Angela Davis
  5. “The memories of slavery are instilled in us. People feel that remembering slavery means that you would be too focused on it. In the minds of black people, it’s better to think of ourselves as children of royalty than as slaves. It’s possible that some black people come from royalty, but most of us are actually related to the peasants of royalty.” – Angela Davis
  6. “Freeing our minds is just as important as freeing ourselves from our situations.” – Angela Davis
  7. “Women suffer from different forms of punishment. Women have been sentenced to mental institutions more than they have to prison. Women are more likely to end up in mental hospitals than men. Prisons have mostly been for men while mental institutions have been for women.” – Angela Davis
  8. “A criminal is no longer just a bad person. It’s someone who is expected to own up to their responsibility and pay the price for their crime.” – Angela Davis
  9. “We have to work together especially in a society that expects us to tear each other down. Working together is the best way to instill hope and optimism among our people.” – Angela Davis

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