5 Iron Golf Club: Get the Best Performance and Feel Out of Every Swing

5 Iron Golf Club

Golf is a sport that requires precision, power, and accuracy all in one swing. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, having the right golf club is essential for success. The 5 iron golf club is a great choice for players of all levels, offering a balance of power and control that’s hard to find in any other club.

In this blog, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the 5 iron, and how it can help you improve your game. Read on to learn more about this versatile golf club!

What is a 5 iron used for?

The 5 iron is a versatile golf club, designed to cover a variety of shots from a medium distance. It’s most often used for approach shots, ranging from 120 to 180 yards, as well as shots from the fairway. It’s also a great choice for players who need a little extra help getting out of the rough. When used properly, the 5 iron can be a powerful and accurate tool in your golf bag.

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How To Hit A 5 Iron Better

Hitting a 5 iron correctly is not easy, but with the right technique and practice, it can be a great club to have in your arsenal. Here are some tips to help you master the 5 iron step by step:

  1. Set Up: Position your feet about shoulder-width apart, with your feet slightly open to the target. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed between your feet.
  2. Grip: Hold the club with your left hand slightly below your right hand, with your palms facing each other.
  3. Backswing: Begin your backswing by turning your shoulders, and keeping your arms slightly bent. The club should travel up and away from the ball, completing a full circle.
  4. Downswing: As you start the downswing, keep your left arm straight and your right arm slightly bent. Continue turning your shoulders until your left arm is straight and extend your right arm.
  5. Impact: As you approach the ball, make sure to keep your head down and your eyes on the ball. Make sure your hands are in front of the club head at impact, and your wrists should be slightly bent.
  6. Follow Through: After impact, continue your follow through until your arms are straight and the club is pointing towards the target.

Practice these steps and soon you will become a master of the 5 iron. With the correct technique, you will be able to hit the ball with consistency and accuracy.

How Far Should A 5 Iron Go

The average 5 iron shot should travel around 150 to 170 yards for men and 130 to 150 yards for women. This is just an average, however, and players of different skill levels may experience different distances. Professional golfers, for example, have been known to hit 5 irons up to 230 yards.

When it comes to hitting a 5 iron, the most important factor is the angle of attack. A steep angle of attack will usually result in higher shots, while a shallow angle of attack will usually result in lower shots. Proper swing technique and body mechanics are also important in achieving maximum distance.

Another factor to consider when it comes to the distance of a 5 iron shot is the type of golf ball being used. Lower-compression golf balls can generally travel farther than higher-compression balls. It is also important to use a golf ball with the correct spin rate for your club.

The distance a 5 iron can travel also depends on the player’s swing speed. Players with a slower swing speed may not be able to hit the ball as far as players with a faster swing speed. To maximize distance, it is important to practice and develop the proper swing technique.

Best 5 Iron Golf Clubs for Beginners

Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX OS Individual Iron

Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX OS Individual Iron

Why We Picked It

The Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX OS Individual Iron is an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels. It features an innovative design that provides increased ball speed, improved accuracy, and greater forgiveness. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to swing and control.


  • 360 Face Cup Technology for increased ball speed and improved accuracy
  • Multi-Material Construction for improved feel and sound
  • Tungsten-Infused Standing Wave Technology for precise weight distribution
  • Urethane Microspheres for improved feel and feedback
  • Progressive Internal Weighting for more forgiveness on off-center hits
  • 431 Stainless Steel Construction for the precise shot-shaping ability
  • Low Center of Gravity for increased launch angle and greater distance

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual

Why We Picked It

The LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons have been designed by professionals, and they are crafted to help golfers improve their game. These irons feature a unique design that helps to reduce drag and increase the speed of your shots. Additionally, they are incredibly lightweight and they have a forgiving sweet spot that makes them incredibly easy to use.


  • Ultra-lightweight construction for maximum maneuverability
  • Unique design for reduced drag and increased speed
  • The forgiving sweet spot for improved accuracy
  • Crafted from high-quality materials for increased durability
  • Customizable with a range of shaft and grip options
  • Available in a range of lofts to suit all golfers


The 5 iron golf club is a great choice for those looking to get the best performance and feel out of every swing. With its unique design and features, it can help you to hit straighter and longer shots with a great deal of control and accuracy.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, the 5 iron golf club can help you to improve your golf game and take it to the next level. So, make sure to invest in a 5 iron golf club and get the best performance and feel out of every swing.

FAQs For 5 Iron Golf Club

Is a 5-iron necessary?

No, a 5-iron is not necessary for a golfer. Depending on a golfer’s skill level, club selection, and playing style, a 5-iron could be useful, but it is not a requirement.

Why is a 5-iron called a mashie?

A 5-iron is called a mashie because the term “mashie” was historically used to refer to a particular type of golf club. The 5-iron is the mid-range club in a typical set of golf clubs, and the term “mashie” was used to refer to any club that was between a 4 and 6-iron.

How far do pros hit 5 iron?

The average distance for a professional golfer using a 5 iron is between 170 and 190 yards. This can vary depending on the golfer’s individual swing speed, club head speed, and other factors.

Does a 5-iron hit further than a 7-iron?

It depends on a variety of factors, such as the club head speed of the player and the loft of the clubs. Generally speaking, a 5-iron will typically hit the ball further than a 7-iron due to its lower loft, which allows the ball to travel further through the air. However, if a player has a higher club head speed, they can achieve greater distance with a 7-iron compared to a 5-iron.

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